Friday, June 24, 2016

From The Heart

by Debbie Pelley want to share what's been on my heart the last several days. When we had a renowned socialist running for city council and a true Christian conservative, the conservative won but only by 205 votes. That really concerns me when we can't even get Christians out to vote or pay attention when we have those kind of choices before us. If a few dedicated activists had not worked for Bobby Long, he could have easily lost this race.

Right now I am concerned about the petition for term limits, and we have only about two weeks left to get enough signatures. The legislators purposely tricked the people and doubled their term limits in 2014. This petition is designed to take term limits back to the ones we have had since 1992, six years in the House and eight years in the Senate. The legislators extended them to sixteen years in the House and sixteen years in the Senate.

There are enough churches in Jonesboro, in our state, and in our nation to win any battle if they would just band together, but somehow they refuse to do that, and they leave up to a few activists to try to do the impossible. John Wesley said, "Making an open stand against all the ungodliness and unrighteousness, which overspreads our land as a flood, is one of the noblest ways of confessing Christ in the face of His enemies."

The fact that the media and legislators are playing dirty tricks should galvanize the people to take action. The attorney that worked with Jon Woods, the Republican sponsor of the so called ethics bill to expand their term limits, put out the word that any paid canvassers that worked for their company would not be compensated for the work on the Marijuana petitions if they collected signatures for the Term Limits. So hundreds of signatures won't be turned in now that paid canvassers had collected for Term Limits for fear they won't receive compensation for the other petitions.

Then Andrew DeMillo wrote in an Associated Press article just last week that is published all over the state that Restore Term Limits had already met the requirements which was a lie designed to stop people from gathering signatures. And it worked because some Tea Party leaders told their groups the battle was over and threw away many petitions.

When we did the canvassing for signatures on the Jonesboro Property Code, I learned a lot. First of all, I count it as one of the most successful victories with which I have been involved in my life as an activist; I could see God's hand and His miracles in it from start to finish. I had experience with canvassing, having worked on three state-wide petitions in the past, none of which made their deadlines. In those campaigns I could never get over 4 or 5 people involved in helping me gather signatures. In this battle 4 or 5 people just could not gather the required signatures so I saw God bring in the needed canvassers, and we had at least 60 different people gather signatures. The first ten to fifteen days, it looked totally impossible. We managed to gather more than five thousand signatures from citizens living in the city limits in 22 days - I consider that a miracle.

So now after finishing that battle, I am totally committed to the Term Limits battle and I can see how God can do it even when we can't see it. I think the one sheet campaign is a God designed plan that the leaders of Restore Term Limits came up with where different people are asked to do only one sheet with ten signatures from friends, family, and church members. Many people have found that instead of one sheet they can do two or three easily. Since 60 people in Jonesboro got more than 5,000 signatures, then six times that number (360 people) could get 30,000 signatures, the number that could meet the requirements.

Would you please be one of those people that God can use to fight this important battle! To help collect signatures or just sign a petition, you can call 501-825-0190, email, or go to If you live in the Jonesboro area, you can email me at and I will get one or more petitions to you. Or if you want to help canvass for signatures, we will tell you where you can get many signatures and will put you with an experienced canvasser if you need it.

And church leaders would you please consider having a committee in your church to be watchmen on the wall to alert the congregation to these important issues. How can we ever make any real progress toward stopping the evil (and government overreach that leads to socialism and communism) that is permeating our culture unless we get the churches involved in these battles? Churches are allowed to educate its members on any issue without losing their nonprofit status. They just can't tell the members how to vote.

We cry out for national leaders, but how can we expect God to provide those when we won't even help the leaders that do step up? Tim Jacobs who is leading this fight against corruption in the legislature (the longer they stay in the more corrupt they become) has fought this battle three times and is doing it once again. Yet we can't get people out to canvass for signatures. How can that be pleasing to God?

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