Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dirty Tricks - Attacks On Restoring Term Limits

by Vickie Harrison, Letter to Editor: I just gladly signed the petition to restore term limits and am thoroughly disgusted with our state legislators for their unethical behavior. I am steamed that they tricked the people in the last election by putting on the ballot that they were establishing term limits when they were actually extending their term limits to 16 years in the House and 16 years in the Senate.

And legislators had the gall to get this ballot issue voted on by incorporating it into an ethics bill! Read the actual "so-called" ethics bill HERE!

Not only have legislators tried twice to undo our term limits of six years in the House and eight years in the Senate before this latest scam on the voters in 2014, but they are still up to their trickery.

For example, the attorney that worked with Republican Jon Woods and Democrat Warwick Sabin, the sponsors of the so-called ethics bill to expand their term limits, put out the word that any paid canvassers who worked for their company would not be compensated for the work on the marijuana petitions if they collected signatures for the term limits. So hundreds of signatures won't be turned in now that paid canvassers had collected for term limits for fear they won't receive compensation for the other petitions.

And just last week an Associated Press reporter stated a total falsehood, saying "Tim Jacobs with Restore Term Limits said his group has gathered at least the signatures it'll need " to reinstate legislative term limits loosened [doubled is more accurate than loosened] by voters in 2014." Tim Jacobs contacted the reporter, and the AP reporter Andrew DeMillo promised to make a correction, but none of us have seen it yet. DeMillo's articles are carried all over the state and was in The Sun on June 13. Several people who had hundreds of signatures threw them away just as many legislators hoped they would do.

After all this chicanery, Little Rock legislators are still trying to say Little Rock is not like Washington, D.C.

These dirty tricks by legislators and the media should galvanize citizens to take action.

Restore Term Limits is asking citizens to get just one petition filled, 10 names. If you want to help restore term limits and save our state from more Washington politics, call 501-825-0190, email or go to But you must act right away because signatures have to be turned in by July 8.
Vickie Harrison is a resident of Jonesboro. AR

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