Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Citizens Repeal on Jonesboro Arkansas Property Code Big Time 66% to 34%

by Debbie Pelley: Thank you to everyone for all your work, gathering signatures, preparing mail outs, putting out yard signs, passing out flyers, writing advertisements, scheduling the workers, donating money, begging for money, sharing your stories, and just spreading the word. I think we will all agree that gathering the signatures was the hardest part. The opposition tried to stop us by getting us run off at the DMV where we had gathered thousands of signatures before, but God opened up other doors. We can't even publicly thank some of the people who helped so much because we don't want them to be subject to retaliation.

We also want to thank the four candidates who ran based on their opposition to the Code. They helped us tremendously. We still have one race to win. Richard Wang, the ultra liberal professor from ASU, got the highest number of votes for the city council position, 32%. However he is the only one of the five candidates who supported the code so basically everyone that supported the code voted for him. Those against the Code (For repeal) split the vote four ways, getting 68% of the vote. So we should be able to be victorious in the run-off between Bobby Long and Richard Wang. But that race is soooo important because we need to replace the alderman who resigned (that voted for the code in December) with one that opposes the code to change the direction of the city council. I think the Run Off will be June 7 and early voting will start the week before so put that date on your calendar.

I hope the message that comes out of this election is that the grassroots movement is alive and can still be victorious over the bureaucrats and the media both who were very actively supporting this code. And I don’t know of anything that is more benevolent than saving the poor, the elderly, and the ill from the fines that could be imposed by this overreaching code. Just the fear of the fines and the possible loss of their homes have brought great anguish to the citizens of Jonesboro. So all of you that worked and donated have been a part of that benevolence.

Watch for the Press Release from our attorney on this issue today. And a big thanks for the attorney, Travis Story of Story Law Firm, Fayetteville, who encouraged us to embark on this endeavor. It was a very hard decision for all of us to make, knowing if we failed it would make matters worse. Without the attorney's encouragement we would never have gone forward with this Referendum.

And again a great big Thank You to all of you. It took ALL of us working together to accomplish this and most of all God's hand to direct all of it. So praise the Lord!

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