Monday, May 9, 2016

Arkansas: Stop Punishing Us At The Gas Pump

by David Ray, State Director, AFP Arkansas: I've got some bad news: they want to raise your taxes.

Next week, the state legislature will convene for a special session on highway funding. Even though Governor Hutchinson has put forward a responsible, fiscally conservative plan that does not raise taxes, a group of Republicans and Democrats are conspiring to raise gasoline taxes by $160 million!

That's why we need your help. We need you to contact your legislators TODAY and let them know you do not support higher taxes. Click HERE to visit our Action Center.

Here's what you need to know:
  • AR already pays the highest gasoline and diesel taxes of any state that borders us. This proposed plan would raise AR's gas tax by over 37 percent.
  • AR raised taxes just three years ago to finance better highways. Now they're at it again - trying to get ahold of more of your hard-earned money.
  • Governor Hutchinson has put forward a responsible plan that funds highways without raising taxes. There is no need to raise taxes!

Arkansans put enough money in their gas tanks, but special interests want more. Little Rock insiders are discussing raising taxes on gas - again. Instead of admitting to a spending problem, Little Rock thinks it has a tax problem. Squeezing more money out of taxpayers isn't a solution, here's why:

We’re Taxed Enough - Arkansas has the highest gas and diesel taxes of any state that borders us! We also have the highest personal income taxes of any state that borders us AND we pay the 2nd highest combined state and local sales tax in the nation.

We Just Raised Taxes - The sales tax was raised less than three years ago to provide more funding to highways, roads and bridges. The highway department promised that the tax increase would make Arkansas roads “among the best in the nation.” But less than three years later, they already want more of your hard-earned money.

There Are Other Options - There are many ways to increase revenue to the highway department without choking taxpayers. The state has a surplus of almost $200 million and the legislature could responsibly transfer the sales tax on some transportation items to the highway department. They could also adjust the highway funding formula to reflect actual vehicle miles traveled, which would send more money to the highway department.

The bottom line is this: Arkansans can’t afford more tax-and-spend policies. Highways, roads, and bridges are a core function of government, and spending for those items needs to be prioritized by the legislature from existing revenue without raising taxes on gas or diesel. There are plenty of options available. Our lawmakers simply need to look.

Please visit our Action Center to contact your lawmakers today!

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Convinced nothing the voters of Arkansas says makes an impact on #ARlg. They do what the want #unruly