Monday, May 9, 2016

Approximately 100,000 Ex-Cons Now Eligible For Medicaid Expansion

by Caleb Taylor, The Arkansas Project Had a little trouble with the law lately? You are now eligible for health insurance, paid for with Medicaid funds, in states like Arkansas that have expanded Medicaid.

This new policy is the result of a recently-announced federal directive.

From a Department of Human Services press release:
Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) strengthened access to health care for individuals transitioning from incarceration back to their communities. New Medicaid guidance released today updates decades-old policy and clarifies that individuals who are currently on probation, parole or in home confinement are not considered inmates of a public institution. It also extends coverage to Medicaid-eligible individuals living in community halfway houses where they have freedom of movement, improving access to care for as many as 96,000 individuals in Medicaid expansion states over the course of the year. Those eligible for the new program are classified as “justice-involved” individuals, according to the federal government. A “justice-involved” individual is someone who’s facing a prison sentence or has previously been incarcerated.

This euphemism was apparently created by the Department of Justice last week as a part of “National Reentry Week.” So you can rest easy: your tax dollars are paying for important work like re-branding divisive terminology (such as, for instance, “ex-cons” and “parolees”). Now we have “justice-involved” individuals who benefit from funds traditionally reserved for the aged, blind, and disabled; those monies will now benefit approximately 100,000 of these “justice-involved” individuals. We asked an Arkansas Department of Human Services spokesperson to estimate how many more “justice-involved” individuals in Arkansas will be newly eligible for Medicaid expansion plans, but we didn’t receive an answer by deadline. We’ll update this post if we hear back.

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