Tuesday, April 5, 2016

They're Not Coming Into My House!

When collecting signatures for the referendum on the Jonesboro Property Code, we heard these emphatic words used below many, many times: "They're are not coming into my house!"

by Vickie Harrison: Are you tired of government mandates?

Tired of EPA regulations?

Tired of government workers (bureaucracy) flourishing while private enterprise and jobs wither?

Tired of state politicians deceiving the public and implementing Obamacare in Arkansas?

Tired of city politicians acting like Washington, D.C.? - Trying to push a sales tax down our throats and allowing the good ole boy system to give us Greensborough village in an already traffic congested area and trying to make taxpayers pay for a highway through the village.

Then shouldn't you appreciate the people who worked hours on end in the dead of winter to get 5,000 plus signatures to give you a vote to stop the top-down regulations via the International Property Maintenance Code aka Jonesboro property code - regulations that even allow the code official to come inside your house to inspect it?

Never mind that the code includes a permission document for you to sign. The code also says, "If entry is refused, the code official shall have recourse to the remedies provided by law to secure entry." So to all of you who adamantly state, "They are not coming into MY house," then you will have court action and its costs on your hands. And then you will probably lose.

With all that emphasis on weather stripping, no cracking in glaze on windows, heating requirements, etc., don't think either that the EPA doesn't have a dog in this fight.

The code says, "The code official shall issue all necessary notices or orders to ensure compliance with this code." Note the word, "ensure." Have you considered how many code officials it would take to bring all the dwellings for 60 to 70 thousand people up to this code? Jonesboro Property Code would become the largest department in the city, more bureaucracy.

And it may be many years before the code is totally enforced, but it gives the government every opportunity to expand and control. In 1963 when the Supreme Court took prayer out of schools, no one in the South thought that would ever happen here, but it did. It took 40 years, but we have faced all the devastating effects that came with taking God out of our schools. If we don't stop this code, it will have debilitating effects on all of us forever as well.

So read the code at this link before you vote May 10.
Vickie Harrison lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas

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