Friday, April 29, 2016

Secret Code: A Jonesboro Nightmare That May Soon Be In Your Community

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women do nothing. Evil includes government preventing your free access to liberty and government  restricting your previous liberty, freedoms, and use of your own property. - The Editor paraphrasing others.

by Debbie Sitzes, Letter to Editor: I 'm writing in regard to the letter in the Sun titled Beware the Code. The writer warned businesses to beware the new Jonesboro Property Code because the city could use the fines on businesses as a revenue stream.

I want to also point out that the Code also includes churches as well since it includes "all existing residential and nonresidential structures and all existing premises."

Everyone knows the persecution of churches is increasing. This Code passed Dec, 2015 opens the door for the government to go after the churches financially through large fines, as well as the elderly and financially strapped Christians in the church. Our Mayor wouldn't allow the churches to be persecuted in this way now, but who knows who will follow? Whoever thought we would be facing a possible election of a Socialist for a President in 2016?

As for the church members, there will be many that face fines they can't pay. It was made clear at the city-sponsored educational meeting that there was no hardship clause in the Code for those that can't afford the fines. So what are they supposed to do? Have their property taken away?

And I don't see how any church building in Jonesboro could escape some of the all-inclusive so-called minimum requirements of the Code. Don't let the word minimum fool you. Minimum is a PR stunt because the 34 page Code covers anything you can imagine and some you couldn't. It covers equipment, all outer buildings, the size and type of street numbers required on all buildings, locks, interior doors, size of windows, cracks or fissures in concrete, deteriorated concrete, cracks in the glaze on your windows, updating electrical wiring, plumbing and on and on.

Proponents of the code have greatly misrepresented the Code. In the city's video promoting the Code, the city attorney is adamant that they can't enter your home without your permission, but she fails to point out that the code says, "If entry is refused, the code official shall have recourse to the remedies provided by law to secure entry." However, she admitted the renter can allow the code official to enter the property for inspection without permission of the landowner. Since when did the owner of the property not have the authority over his own property?

Have you noticed that the link to the Property Code is never given in any of the city's promotional material? They don't want you to read the code, only listen to what they tell you.
Debbie Sitzes lives in Jonesboro, AR. Her letter to the editor was also submitted to the Jonesboro Sun. Also, check the following link to view the Jonesboro Property Code.

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