Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Obama Tactics In AR - Cooper & Asa

by by Debbie Pelley, Letter to Editor: Senator Cooper's editorial in the Sun on Sunday, was a good example of why people are so fed up with the GOP establishment's deceptive tactics.

I know many people saw right through his article and knew Cooper was simply defending his flip flop on the Private Option aka AR Works and being a shill for the Governor. But there are many voters who don't know the truth.

Cooper actually used his stand against the Private Option (PO) Medicaid Expansion to get elected. In every mailer, campaign card, and flyer (I still have them all as well as his emails) Cooper touted his stand against Obamacare, saying in one mailer in a three-way primary race, "John Cooper is the only candidate in this race to have a firm position against the Private Option, Arkansas' form of Obamacare."

That message was touted on his Facebook page, in his radio interviews, and in campaign speeches for other anti PO candidates. He was known across Arkansas for his stand against the PO (Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare). That's why Cooper had a historic win of 57% to 43% over his Democrat opponent in January, 2014, in a special election for Bookout's seat.

With most legislators it takes a couple of years or longer to lose their innocence, but Cooper was easy. In less than a year, to my dismay, Cooper was supporting one of the main architects of the Private Option for Senate leader instead of a true conservative who has repeatedly stood against the Private Option.

There were no hints leading up to this radical change in Cooper's PO stance except one. He switched his strong support for Asa's opponent to supporting Asa Hutchinson. And from the time Hutchinson was elected, Cooper switched his loyalty from the voters back home to the GOP leaders, something I have seen happen over and over in the legislature. Cooper has stood firmly with Governor Hutchinson in every way as they have rammed the PO aka Arkansas Works through the legislature when 70% of Arkansans oppose it.

Cooper pretends the ten senators representing their constituents back home (heroes) are trying to shut down funding for Medicaid services. The truth is Governor Hutchinson and Cooper are using Obama tactics to blame the shutdown on the true conservatives. The Governor couldn't get the PO funding passed (aka AR Works) so he rolled all the appropriation bills into one and said pass it or I will shut down the DHS budget and started bewailing all the things that would be cut.

The governor could have easily used the normal way of separating appropriation bills and taken a separate vote on AR Works (PO), but he couldn't get it passed that way so he had to come up with scheme after scheme to get it passed.

Sounds just like Obama, doesn't it?
Debbie Pelley lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas and also sent this letter to the Jonesboro Sun.

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