Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Great News for Taxpayers

by David Ray: Yesterday, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his plans to address the highway funding shortfall, and we want to share our perspective on this news with you.

First and foremost, Governor Hutchinson's plan doesn't include any new tax increases, which is great news for taxpayers. Several governors across the nation (from both political parties) have sought to raise gas taxes in recent months - choosing to reach into taxpayers' pockets instead of making the hard choices to prioritize spending. Governor Hutchinson should be credited for committing to prioritize current state resources to meet these needs instead of making hardworking Arkansans pay more at the pump.

Also of significance is the fact that Governor Hutchinson prioritized the needs of hardworking taxpayers over the desires of special interest groups. Little Rock insiders and lobbyists have been working for almost a year to lay the groundwork for a gas tax hike, even though Arkansas already has the highest gas taxes of any state that touches our borders. The Governor deserves our thanks for rejecting their calls for tax hikes.

We still have to ensure the legislature doesn't try to pass any gas tax hikes, but yesterday's announcement was great news. We encourage you to contact Governor Hutchinson and thank him for addressing our state's highway needs without raising gas taxes on hardworking Arkansans.
David Ray is State Director, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Arkansas.

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