Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why Does Little Rock Want to Raise Gas Taxes, Again?

Arkansans Say It Again - Don't Raise The Gas Tax
In September, AFP-Arkansas commissioned a poll to survey Arkansans on their attitudes toward a gas tax hike, and the results weren't a surprise. 64% of Arkansans, an overwhelming majority, oppose increasing the gas tax. Unfortunately, most of the members of the Governor's Working Group on Highway Funding were unconvinced. Three of their four recommendations included significant gas tax hikes ranging from 5 cents-per-gallon to 15 cents-per-gallon.  

But now a new poll, ironically commissioned by a group that supports an increase in the gas tax, shows again that Arkansans are overwhelmingly opposed to plans to raise higher gas taxes. Among the survey's key findings:
• Overall, a majority of Arkansans opposed increasing the gas tax (53%), while less than one-in-three Arkansans (32%) supported raising gas taxes. 

• Only 17% would support a 7-cent increase and 11% would support a 10-cent increase.

• An overwhelming majority (65%), said they would be less likely to re-elect their legislator if they voted for a gas tax increase. 

Interestingly, among the solutions polled, the most politically popular solution was to transfer revenue from the sales tax on items connected to transportation. This proposal gained the support of 63% of voters and was opposed by just 17%. This is an idea that AFP Arkansas has advocated before as an alternative to raising taxes. 

Two polls now show Arkansans believe that raising taxes should be the last resort of policymakers -- never the first option.
Tell Little Rock That We Don't Need Higher Taxes

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