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Who is hurting the Republican Party in Arkansas?

A reminder of  who are the
True Republican Conservatives!
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Conduit For Action Commentary: Some big government Republicans (Establishment Republicans) claim Conduit for Action is hurting the Republican Party in Arkansas. So, what is it that CFA has been doing?
  • Pointed out “carefully crafted language” used to adopt and to keep Obamacare Medicaid Expansion under cute names like “Private Option” and “Arkansas Works”.
  • Exposed policies that grow government dependence, not only through health care to able bodied adults who don’t work but also through maintaining the waiver exempting food stamps from the federal requirement for recipients to work.
  • Warned the public about the deceptive Issue #3 that was supposed to be about ethics reform but actually protected big lobbying interests, extended term limits, and gave elected officials big raises.
  • Criticized use of the General Improvement Fund to allow individual legislators discretion over spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and which has been used for such things as a fireworks show and a county park for which the county did not ask for or want considering the county’s greater needs all the while posing to take credit with the taxpayers’ money.

  • Highlighted crony capitalism that rewards some businesses while leaving other businesses and individual taxpayers to pay for the perks for some.
  • And the list goes on.
Considering CFA’s record, does CFA or big government Republicans better represent these two conservative PRINCIPLES in the Platform of the Republican Party of Arkansas?INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY AND INITIATIVE

So, who is hurting the Republican Party in Arkansas? CFA or big government Republicans? You be the judge.

Thankfully, not every Arkansas Republican is a big government Republican, and we would be remiss if we failed to note that there are a number of fiscally conservative Republicans in the Arkansas Legislature. We thank them for standing up for smaller government and more freedom, despite opposition from Democrats, big government Republican colleagues, their own governor, and special interests who want a slice of the pie.

Does CFA have to talk about fiscal issues?
Conduit for Action is not affiliated with a political party, but CFA is a conservative organization. CFA focuses on fiscally conservative issues, smaller government, less regulation, openness in government, and more freedom. Big government Republicans would like for CFA to talk about something else, but fiscal matters and freedom are what we talk about. To ask us to talk about something different would be like asking the NRA to not talk about the Second Amendment or to ask the Arkansas Family Council not to talk about pro-life legislation.

Are you a fiscal conservative?
How can you help hold Arkansas government accountable on fiscal issues?

All we ask is that you spread the word that you are tired of big government in Arkansas and want Arkansas politicians who are fiscally conservative. . . .

WARNING: If you express your fiscal conservatism you won’t be in line to be the beneficiary of crony capitalism contracts or become someone who will have the kind of influence needed to control any politician. What you get is much better – the satisfaction of promoting freedom and helping keep future generations from being slaves to big government.

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