Monday, December 14, 2015

Trust Lacking: Deceptive Answers On Property Code

by James Elwyn Hinds: I literally laughed out loud when I read the letters to the editor in the Dec. 4 edition of The Sun when it was stated many questions at the city council meeting concerning the proposed maintenance code were explained "so thoroughly."

I urge anyone who has opportunity to see that meeting do so. The answers to questions were at best evasive and condescending. It seems the Jonesboro city government needs an injection of honesty. Many, I suspect most, residents of Jonesboro no longer trust their city government.

Should we expect otherwise when we are told something that would cost many millions will only cost a penny. If that list of projects could have been completed for a penny, I would have personally hand-delivered two cents to City Hall so there would have been plenty of money, and we could have saved several thousand spent for a special election. Or how about when the city council creates a position on Tuesday night and the mayor's son is hired for that position the next morning without it every being advertised for applicants?

One example of how questions were answered involved a person who was not physically able to repair his home and lacked money to pay for it to be done. He never did get a straight-forward answer about the consequences he would face as answers seemed to imply he could just ignore any fines imposed and there would be no repercussions.

Anyone who believes that should start watching "Warrant Watch" and notice how many warrants are for "non-payment of fines." Any time the consequences of not complying were admitted, there was an attempt to vilify district judges. Craighead County is blessed to have four fine men vying for its two district judgeships, but it does not matter which of them gets elected, they will do what the law says. If the law says there will be fines, there will be fines; if it does not, there will be none. It is the legislators who pass the laws who bear the blame, not the judge who follows it. When I pressed on the issue, it was admitted money from the fines would go to the city government.

There was a letter read by four "chiefs" supporting the ordinance. It is interesting to note that one of them was the person who hired the mayor's son. At least they had one of the other lackeys read the letter instead of him. I have several questions about that letter. For starters, whose idea was it? Who actually wrote it? If the signers had a meeting and composed it together, was the meeting subject to FOI? If not, why not? If it was, was the law followed and proper notice given?
Lettter to Editor by James Elwyn Hinds who lives in Jonesborrow, AR

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