Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Governor Receives Report from Highway Working Group -- More Taxes & Fees

LITTLE ROCK – As directed under executive order from earlier this year, Governor Asa Hutchinson received the official report from the Governor’s Working Group on Highway Funding Tuesday evening. Governor Hutchinson will review the recommendations and announce his decision in mid-January.

The report can be found on the Governor’s website, HERE.

Editor's Note: Recommend reading the report! There are "some recommended" items (increased taxes, increased fee collection, monitoring travel, etc.)  that  most Arkansans will not like. For example, one recommendation would require Arkansans to file a report every year of mileage used on their personal vehicles every year and to pay a fee for the miles driven. This is a bad idea and will punish Arkansans in rural areas of the state who have to travel to other locations (vacations, extended work, etc.). Looks like a few liberal "green" idea from outside of rural America has been recommended by this working group.  

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