Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Governor Hutchinson Releases Statement on Unanimous Vote by Legislative Task Force on Healthcare Reform

LITTLE ROCK – Earlier today in a bipartisan, unanimous vote, members of the Legislative Task Force on Healthcare Reform backed Governor Asa Hutchinson’s framework for “Arkansas Works” with a commitment to finding at least $835 million in cost savings over the next five years. By passing the motion, the task force also gave their consent to Governor Hutchinson to begin waiver negotiations with the federal government.

Governor Hutchinson released the following statement:“Today’s unanimous, bipartisan vote by the Legislative Task Force on Healthcare Reform was an important one. It shows the state and the country that we’re united in pursuing waivers from the federal government to have health coverage for Arkansans that emphasizes personal responsibility, incentives to work and responsible management of the program – the foundation of ‘Arkansas Works’.

"Based upon this unanimous support from the task force, we will be pursuing the waivers before the federal government, and while we still have to find $835 million in savings over the next five years, this kind of commitment from the legislature makes me confident that we can achieve that kind of result.”

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Scott Widen said...

So instead getting rid of Obamacare Private Option like he promised he is just changing its name and hurting the most needy. Nice job loser but not surprised. Very sad day in Arkansas!