Thursday, December 31, 2015

Governor Hutchinson Issues Statement on Planned Parenthood Ruling

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson issued the following statement regarding Thursday’s ruling on Planned Parenthood:“This was a ruling on a preliminary motion, and we are hopeful that when the case is considered in full that the Judge will support the law.

“The legislature passed HB 1394, sponsored by Rep. Charlene Fite, earlier this year, which established the Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act. On March 20, I signed it into law because I agreed with the legislature’s intent to protect women by requiring physicians to follow procedures approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for these abortion drugs and to have the abortion clinic’s doctor associate with a physician who has hospital privileges. This is a common sense approach for safety and I am hopeful the Court agrees that this is a proper purpose for the legislature to act.

“As made evident by their lawsuit, Planned Parenthood places a premium on the convenience of abortion providers over the health and welfare of women seeking these procedures.”

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