Monday, December 21, 2015

All Systems Go For Santa!

by Sen. Tom Cotton: I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! As Christmas approaches, I’m happy to report that NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, will track Santa Claus for the 60th straight year. During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing earlier this month, I asked Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Paul Selva to confirm that NORAD is prepared to track Santa once again. While he didn’t have a complete intelligence report available at that moment—some things have to remain classified! — he was able to divulge that the reindeer have been fed their oats and are prepared to deliver gifts to all of those boys and girls who were well-behaved this year.

Tom with members of the Arkansas State Legislature
WTO Authorizes More Than $1 Billion in Tariffs on American Goods
Earlier this month, the World Trade Organization's (WTO) authorized Canada and Mexico to place more than $1 billion in tariffs on American goods. Unfortunately, these tariffs come as little surprise given the impact COOL regulations have had on our trade relationships with Canada and Mexico. While we knew they were coming, over $1 billion in tariffs will be a devastating blow to both our national and state economies. The economic impact on Arkansas alone would be tens of millions of dollars. And this is only the beginning. If we don’t take action to stop COOL regulations, we will alienate other trading partner and face additional tariffs. Rest assured, I am working with my colleagues in Congress as well as with partners at the Canadian and Mexican embassies to modify COOL regulations and protect Arkansans from losing access to these important markets.

Every Student Succeeds Act
As the son of a public school teacher and principal and a graduate of Arkansas public schools, I know firsthand the benefits of a public school education. But over the last several years our schools have been stifled by government bureaucracy, and, as a result, too many children haven’t received the quality education they deserve.

That’s why I supported legislation the recently passed by the Senate that will bring much needed reform to our education system by enabling states and local communities to decide what’s best for their students. This bill both ends Common Core mandates for states and significantly empowers states to determine their own measures of student success. I will continue to be an advocate for reforms to our public school system and will support policies that reduce the role of Washington politicians in the education of students in Arkansas and across the country.

The EPA’s Wrongful Use of Social Media to Generate Support for WOTUS
Earlier this week, the Government Accountability Office ruled that the EPA wrongfully used of social media to generate support for the Waters of the United States. It comes as little surprise that the EPA broke federal law while promoting the disastrous Waters of the United States rule. Over the last six years they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to promoting President Obama’s radical environmental agenda over the interests of the American people and our natural resources. And they take orders from a President whose also been known to skirt the laws of the land if they interfere with his ideas.The GAO’s ruling is another important step toward overturning the misguided Waters of the United States rule completely. Rest assured, I will work to continue the fight against this rule and against EPA overreach.

President Obama’s Remarks on National Security and Defeating ISIS
On Thursday, President Obama made a brief statement on our national security and defeating ISIS. And while he didn’t offer much, he was correct about one thing: our intelligence and security officials are the best of the best. We are fortunate to have these dedicated professionals working on our behalf. That’s why it’s disappointing that President Obama, our commander in chief, has made it harder for these men and women to do their jobs and keep us safe. His failure to confront ISIS and our enemies around the world means we face more threats both at home and abroad. And because of his policies, they now have access to fewer tools to identify and neutralize these threats. If President Obama truly wants to thank our intelligence community for their outstanding work, he should present a real strategy to defeat the Islamic state and he should restore and strengthen vital intelligence programs.

Around Arkansas
It has been a busy couple of weeks for staff in my four state offices in Arkansas! On December 7th, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, my office attended the arrival of the USS Hoga to the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum in North Little Rock. My staff also attended a reception for this year’s Operation Wounded Warrior Support honorees, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new VA office in Mountain Home, the Crawford-Sebastian County Community Development Council’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, and the JB Hunt expansion announcement!

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