Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Paris Terrorist Attacks & Legislation to Postpone Termination of Essential NSA Counterterrorism Program

by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the French as they mourn those killed in last week’s terrorist attacks. These attacks are a terrible, but clarifying reminder of the evil that exists in the world. But we must not bow to our enemy. Rather this event should bring us together and steel our resolve to defeat global jihadism.

After the attacks in Paris, President Obama made shocking comments on ISIS while in Antaylya, Turkey. He continues to see the world as he wants it to be, not as it it. The barbaric attacks in Paris are more than a ‘setback’. They are a sign ISIS is not contained and that the President’s policy of confusion, half-measures, and delay isn’t working. Our fight against ISIS is under-resourced and unfocused. And it is too reliant on President Obama’s political talking points rather than on sound policy and advice from our military commanders.

We must continue to take the fight to this enemy, and provide our military, intelligence services, and law enforcement with the resources and authorities they need to keep us safe. We must work with our allies to defend freedom and liberty around the world. It’s time for America to lead and stop ISIS abroad so it doesn’t attack us at home.

I have introduced the Liberty Through Strength Act, which would delay the termination of the USA FREEDOM Act until the President can certify that the new NSA collection system is as effective as the current system.

As I mentioned earlier, the terrorist attacks in Paris last week are a terrible reminder of the threats we face every day. And it made clear that the President’s empty policy of tough talk and little action isn’t working against ISIS. Regrettably, these policy follies also extend to the Intelligence Community, whose hands were tied by the passage of the USA FREEDOM ACT. This legislation, along with President Obama’s unilateral actions to restrict the Intelligence Community’s ability to track terrorist communications, takes us from a constitutional, legal, and proven NSA collection architecture to an untested, hypothetical one that will be less effective. And this transition will occur less than two weeks from today, at a time when our threat level is incredibly high.

If we take anything from the Paris attacks, it should be that vigilance and safety go hand-in-hand. Now is not the time to sacrifice our national security for political talking points. We should allow the Intelligence Community to do their job and provide them with the tools they need to keep us safe. Passing the Liberty Through Strength Act will empower the NSA to uncover threats against the United States and our allies, help keep terrorists out of the United States, and track down those responsible in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

I recently joined CNN to discuss our national security and keeping America safe after the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

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