Monday, November 2, 2015

International Property Code Being Voted on By Jonesboro, Arkansas

This action is really part of the overall Agenda 21 plan to take over and control everything. If it is enacted, rent will skyrocket and new buildings will too because their goal is to make all dwellings go green and that will be required for cities to do in order to get many of their grants. Under this property code, the code official will have the authority to determine alternate materials. No one knows all the unintended consequences of going green. If they okay International Property Codes it in Jonesboro, it will set a precedent for other cities in Arkansas. ~ Debbie Pelley

by Debbie Pelley, Contributing Author: In a letter accusing me of fearmongering, Teresa Beck makes a good point, saying "it is never appropriate to mislead your fellow citizens," and that is what many of my letters are about, trying to work through the deception of authorities and get to the truth.

Beck says the edited international property code can be found at the Jonesboro City Hall and that sections are difficult to understand. So how many people knew you could find the edited code at Jonesboro City Hall?  Why wasn't it online before yesterday; it's been under discussion for months. And why bother to read it if you can't understand it? And you can't if you don't know the background and the real goals of the International Property Code as well as the other codes in the "Code Family" - all celebrated by Obama.

And, how were citizens supposed to know the International Property Code was not the one they were adopting? According to a Sun article June 12, 2015, "Mayor Harold Perrin's administration opted to recommend adoption of the complete international code because it has passed constitutional tests in court." In the same article, it was further stated: "In fact, in 2002, a proposal to adopt the international code was soundly defeated," and "Vance said he believed the committee recommended adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code."

And Beck is right that the International Property Maintenance Code has now been edited. However, I still believe, based on research and Jonesboro Vision 2030 that the goals of both codes are the same, and in the long run the Jonesboro property code will mirror the International one as it plays out. This is where the real deceit comes in. [The Sun also reported since then that the edited version contains all the tenants of the International Property Code]

I find it interesting that Beck said the committee "had the advantage of having the intricacies explained in a thorough manner." I have learned by working with legislators that "explanations of the intricacies" are most often slanted from the viewpoint of the one explaining. And the wording, not the explanations, is what matters.

As far as the point of entry into the home, Beck says, "While a code enforcement official may request entry, refusal of the request is well within your rights." Refusing entry to the code official would earn you the right to hire an attorney when the code official obtains a court order to gain entry.

I never intend to misinform. I actually called city hall before sending the letter and asked where I could find the code online and was told the edited one wasn't online because it had not been adopted yet. I have now skimmed the official draft and all my concerns are still there, "Right of Entry" 104.3 is copied exactly as in the International code, as are other parts.
Quotes from Sun article referred to was  "Maintenance proposal debated from all sides" June 12, 2015 by Keith Inman
Other letter referenced by Teresa Beck printed Oct 20, 2015 in the Jonesboro Sun
Debbie Pelley is Retired Arkansas Teacher of 27 years. She is presently a grassroots citizen activist, researcher and writer who advocates for Arkansans and for transparent and limited government. She is a contribution author on the ARRA News Service. and this site.

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