Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DCCC Whiffs Big Time in Former Arkansas First Lady Hillary's State of Arkansas

by Zack Hunter, NRCC Spokesperson: Hey there – So how about House Democrats? It seems like just "yesterday" they were strutting around DC like they were the cock of the walk talking about how they would ride Hillary’s coattails back into a position of relevancy in Washington (oh wait… that actually was yesterday.) And then a bruising story comes out today about how they fell flat on their face trying to play in any House races in former Arkansas Fist Lady Hillary Clinton’s very own state of Arkansas.

Democrats failed to field a candidate in three of four Arkansas House races prior to yesterday’s filing deadline. And in the only seat where there is a Democratic challenger, the candidate has not raised enough money to even be required to file an FEC report. Not exactly promising for the DCCC and House Democrats who think Hillary is actually a draw to the Democratic ticket. It’s even more embarrassing when you consider that just last cycle the DCCC spent millions of dollars in the state try to pick up seats.

Such is life.

As an aside, House Democrats are delusional if they really think Hillary Clinton will help the Democratic ticket next November. The fact that Democrats failed so miserably to find candidates in Hillary Clinton’s "First Lady" home state where they spent millions of dollars last cycle shows just how lost at sea the Democrats truly are.

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