Thursday, September 10, 2015

Should Food Stamp Recipients Be Required To Work, If Able?

by Conduit for Action: Able-bodied food stamp recipients in Arkansas used to be required to work, however, Arkansas asked the federal government for permission to waive the work requirement.

Former President Bill Clinton signed the Welfare Reform Act in 1996. One of the reforms, concerning food stamps (or SNAP), required able-bodied recipients who could work to do so.

With the economy falling into a depression and a high unemployment rate, President Barack Obama allowed states to obtain a waiver from the work requirement. Former Governor Mike Beebe along with most other governors waived the requirement.

These waivers contributed to a rapid growth in the food stamp program. With the waivers encouraging government dependence and with unemployment rates dropping, some states have already reinstated the work requirement.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor the unemployment rate was 10% in October 2009 but has been cut almost in half. The August 2015 report shows the national unemployment rate down to 5.1%, which is the lowest in seven years.

Arkansas’ unemployment rate in July 2015 was 5.6%.[ii] How hard would it be to end Arkansas’ waiver? According to the Foundation for Governmental Accountability, all Governor Asa Hutchinson has to do is to do nothing. In other ... [Read Complete Article]

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Martinjj said...

Of course!

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Gary Michalosky said...

Just like Social Security Disability, Workers Compensation programs, they should receive Vocational Rehabilitation counseling.

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