Friday, August 21, 2015

Bombs Supplied by Iran . . .

U.S Senator Tom Cotton's "graphic" comment on Iran Nuclear Deal.

AP Reveals Text Of Secret Side Deal That Lets Iran Inspect Its Own Site At Parchin . . . 
. . . CNN Poll: 56% Say Congress Should Reject #BadIranDeal

ARRA News Service - We are less than 21 days until Congress makes the biggest decisions in decades–a potential nuclear deal with Iran. This is the greatest potential threat to our national security and must be stopped.

You know this is a #BadIranDeal. It doesn't stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Even if they abide by the deal, which is highly unlikely, we are merely kicking the can down the road and allowing them to develop nuclear weapons in 10-15 years, with the blessing of the world community. We must stop this bad deal.

The loss of anytime, anywhere inspections have crumbled the ability for the United States to enforce the deal. Iran will be notified 24-days before inspection of the inspection location and of the classified way we gathered intelligence of where to inspect. In the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu, "can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days’ notice before you inspect the premises?” We must stop this bad deal.

Unless Sec Kerry and President Obama get their way, our own State Department labels Iran as one of only three state-sponsors of terrorism. Their network of evil stretches far beyond the Middle East where they train, fund, and equip terrorist. An independent commission declared that Iran harbored and provided safe passage to the heinous terrorists that carried out the attacks on September 11th, 2001. What then will happen when we allow them to develop nuclear weapons and give them billions of dollars of sanction relief? We must stop this bad deal.

We must stop this bad deal. We must put pressure on Congress to reject this deal and prevent our children from inheriting a dangerous nuclearly-armed regime.

This deal guarantees that our children will inherit a nuclear Iran – one that already chants "death to America" in the streets and burns our flag.

ACTION ITEM: To view where your two Senators stand visit The Iran Scorecard." It identifies who is "On the Fence," who "Stands With Iran," and who "Stands With America."

Call your members of Congress right now at 202-224-3121. (Their staffs are working - Leave a message). Even if you have called before, call again. Discuss the following info and previously reported info on the Iran Nuke Deal Even if your representative or Senator has e already come out in favor of the deal, especially call them and express your anger over this sell out of America. If things continue on track, Iran will become capable of delivering nukes on America.

Tell them that they should not vote for any nuclear agreement that they have not fully read -- and they have not read these secret side deals. More importantly, they should not support any nuclear deal that allows Iran, given its history of deception, to self-inspect. Tell your senators and representative that Iran cannot be trusted. Tell them to oppose the Iranian nuclear deal. Then check out the names of Senators (all Democrats) still supporting this deal and call every friend or relative who lives in these Senators' states and beg them for the sake of future generations to Call their Senator.

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