Friday, July 17, 2015

Clinton Returns To Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – As Hillary Clinton returns to the State of Arkansas this weekend, Arkansas voters will see stark differences between the values of Clinton and the Democratic Party and those of Arkansas Republicans. The choice is clear: the Arkansas House Republican Caucus stands has a track record of supporting the issues that matter to the majority of Arkansans.

In the last two election cycles the people of Arkansas have spoken decisively about the conservative values they stand for by electing Republicans to all seven Constitutional offices, 64 of the 100 seats in the House of Representatives, and 24 of the 35 seats in the State Senate seats.

For the second consecutive legislative session House Republicans have kept their commitments to Arkansans by:
  • lowering taxes on hardworking Arkansans with the middle class tax cut;
  • passing legislation to protect the rights of unborn children – who unquestionably have a fundamental right to life;
  • passing legislation that provides increased protections of our second amendment right to bear arms;
and continuing to stand with a majority of Arkansans who support the traditional definition of marriage as a God-ordained, legal and moral commitment between one man and one woman.

Now more than ever it is clear that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are simply out of touch with the majority of Arkansans who support lower taxes, the sanctity of life, the 2nd amendment, and traditional marriage.

The next election will be critical to the future of our great nation. Do we continue down the path President Obama has charted, which the Democrats have fully supported, or do we stand up for the values of personal responsibility and individual freedoms on which this country was founded?

There has never been a clearer choice we face than the one before us now.

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