Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Call to Action

by Senator John Boozman: I strongly believe in the sanctity of life. I know you do too. That's why it is critically important that we remain committed to defending those who cannot defend themselves.

I found the videos allegedly showing officials of Planned Parenthood discussing, in horrific detail, the organization's role in harvesting organs of unborn babies unbelievably disturbing. The amorality of the footage is appalling and raises not only concerns regarding whether Planned Parenthood broke multiple laws - it also has moral, ethical and policy implications.

I do not believe that the federal government should be using taxpayer dollars to help fund facilities that provide abortions. In fact, I have supported efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and have just signed on as an original cosponsor of the legislation to accomplish this goal now. That bill will be considered on the Senate floor next week. These disturbing videos and the equally disturbing attitude of the Planned Parenthood officials discussing these gruesome practices simply reaffirms my position.

Mere words can't begin to express the moral outrage we feel when confronted by behavior as abhorrent as selling dead baby body parts for profit - but even when words alone can't convey the message we can be united in action. We must put an end to the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Please let me know that you stand with me and add your name to mine by signing our "Defund Planned Paretnhood Petition." I will share this Petition with my colleagues so they have a clear understanding that the people of Arkansas cast their vote to Defund Planned Parenthood.

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Barbara Gordon said...

Thank you, Sen. Boizman for standing for innocent human life & for an end to the butchered, baby body trade.

Bill Smith said...

I signed!

Josie Atkinson said...

I signed!!