Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Former Gov. Huckabee Announces As 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

Mike Huckabee Announces As
2016 Republican Presidential Candidate
ARRA News Service - Former Aekansas governor Mike Huckabee announced his bid for the 2016 republican candidate for President of the United States. In the 2008 Republican primary, Huckabee won eight states even after he had suspended his campaign.

The setting for Huckabee's announcement was his and Janet's hometown of Hope, Arkansas. Janet addressed their humble beginnings in Hope and their lives together including Mike's faithfulness and support as she fought her battle with cancer at a young age. She shared about the blessing so having a family, being pastor's wife in Hope, mike entry into state politics and her time as first lady of Arkansas. Arkansas current Governor Asa Hutchinson Administrator then addressed his years of working with Mike and endorsed Mike Huckabee for president.

In a 30-minute speech, used his humble beginnings in Hope, Arkansas to launch his slogan not only for his campaign but for for America: "From Hope to Higher Ground."

Huckabee vowed to end “stagnant wages,” protect Medicare and defeat radical Islamic terrorism. As a Christian and former pastor, he remains an advocate for Christian values and pro-life. As a conservative, he is an advocate for the Bill of Rights. He is a strong supporter of the military and as Governor was the Arkansas Commander-in-Chief for the Arkansas National Guard and the Air National Guard. Fox News summarized his comments:
Campaign aides say Huckabee’s path to winning the party nomination this time will be to appeal to working-class cultural conservatives, pitching their candidate as an economic populist and foreign affairs hawk who holds deeply conservative views on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Huckabee advocates a national consumption tax [The Fair Tax], which is similar to a sales tax, to replace the existing federal taxes on personal income and payrolls. He rejects calls for a minimum wage hike, saying his proposals will yield a "maximum wage" for workers.

On immigration, he insists on a secure border and bemoans the presence of millions of people who are living in the country illegally, though he favors a creating a path to citizenship for children of immigrant parents who brought them to the U.S. illegally.

Like other Republican White House hopefuls, Huckabee is sharply critical of Obama's foreign policy. He has called for "bombing the daylights" out of Islamic State targets in the Middle East, though he says American troops should be deployed to the region only as part of an international coalition that includes nations such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan."
Below is a video of his announcement speech:

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Seeker said...

I see you have no clue what Fairtax actually taxes.

Oh yeah, you got the slogans, you just don't know the fine print. Don't feel bad.

Yes, Fairtax does HAVE a retail sales tax, but do you know that's only a small part of it?

Of the 3.5 trillion dollars they project as revenue, do you have any idea how much is from retail sales tax, vs how much is from "other" taxes?

No, you don't know. You can't know, by listening to Huck or those pushing Fairtax.

The biggest tax in Fairtax -- read the fine print, it's there cleverly - are massive "expenditure" taxes on the operational and capital expenditures of every city, every county, and every state.

For example, suppose Little Rock has 100 million dollars in operational expenditures, such as police, firemen, library, courts, etc. Everything other than educational expenditures, are taxed 23%.

Little Rock would owe 23 million dollars as a tax.

Did you know thats IN the fine print, and very much in the math?

Fairtax tells you -- cleverly. In their fine print, they claim their "tax base consist of" whatever NIPA defines as personal or governmental consumption expenditures.

Do you know what NIPA even is?

YOu have to know that, because NIPA is not even a tax term, its a construct, a set of tables, that have nothing whatsoever to do with taxes.

You have to go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis to see what NIPA even is, and go to those tables.

Can everything in the "NIPA" defined consumption expenditures even be taxed?

NO. Not at all. Yet, all that consumption is "in the tax base".

As President BUsh Tax Advisory Panel exposed over a decade ago, Fairtax "tax base" is essentially balderdash nonsense. Take away the nonsense -- just tax retail sales -- and the tax rate would have to be 89%.

But it sounds great to stupid people. The slogans.

I love how stupid people invariably explain Fairtax by acting smart "Fairtax is basically a sales tax". No, it's not. Most of the taxes have nothing to do with sales taxes.

Ron Bartels said...

Who wants a tax and spender? He is one of the better Democrats in the Republican Party.

Ron Bartels said...

Who wants a tax and spender? He is one of the better Democrats in the Republican Party.

Cheri Peavy said...

Good Ole Huck...