Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Congressman French Hill Relaunches Golden Fleece Award to Highlight Wasteful Government Spending

Watch Hill’s Floor Speech Reintroducing the Golden Fleece Award

Floor statement of Congressman French Hill, as prepared delivery

At a time when our Nation is currently over $18 trillion in debt, we must carefully scrutinize our government programs to ensure that we are funding essential programs and projects while eliminating frivolous and wasteful spending.

Every day in the news, Americans hear of government waste, fraud, and abuse, and regulations that are hindering our small business and costing American taxpayers billions of dollars that could be better spent creating jobs and boosting our economy.

I rise today to reestablish the Golden Fleece Award to once again uncover and bring public attention to the wasteful spending of our federal government.

The Golden Fleece Award will highlight some of the most egregious examples of government waste of hardworking taxpayers’ dollars and shed new light on some of the rampant, unnecessary spending by the federal government.
The Golden Fleece Award was pioneered by Democratic U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, William Proxmire in March 1975. For the next 13 years, he went on to issue bulletins announcing a monthly Golden Fleece Award.

The Golden Fleece Award became a staple in the U.S. Senate during this time, and Senator Robert Byrd once stated that the awards were “as much a part of the Senate as quorum calls and filibusters.”

The Golden Fleece Award will once again serve as an important reminder to taxpayers about the need to provide necessary reforms to our federal spending.

I will utilize social media and the Internet to provide a unique platform for my constituents to share with me examples they have seen of waste by our federal government by using #GoldenFleeceOversight on Twitter, or emailing

I have also established a website that allows users to submit their recommendations for the Golden Fleece Award at

Americans are crying out for this accountability from our leaders, and I look forward to working for them and with my colleagues to find ways to effectively eliminate wasteful spending in Washington.

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