Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SB828 May Transition To Single-payer

Obama's Quotes on Single Payer Health Care & The Transition Process 
SB828 by Senator Sanders May be One More Step in the Transition of Single Payer of which Obama Speaks

by Iris Stevens: Some people lately have been thrilled after finding out about the possibility of a 1332 waiver thinking that such a waiver can solve the problems that our legislative leaders have created with various bills to embed Obamacare in Arkansas. Ironically, it is those legislators who are now dangling the idea of a ‘salvation waiver.’ But realistically, that can be used only when the state has already bought into the idea of government controlled insurance (state or federal exchange, and to a lesser extent, the private option which is also government insurance).

The waiver doesn’t get us out of a government system; it simply gives legislators the belief, or the convenient argument, that they can manipulate the system to their advantage. If you read the evaluations of this waiver, it is clear that the power to grant it rests with the Director of HHS, it has significant ‘strings,’ and is contingent on the state having jumped through the government hoops up to that point. It’s the archetypical carrot and stick appeal to those who are desperate to see something positive in what has been happening at the capitol.

What I’m most concerned about is our state’s dash to get on board with this whole system. Has anyone noticed how we seem to be herding the vast majority of Arkansans into one of three types of programs – federal exchange, state exchange, or private option? (A smaller number continue to have purely private insurance or employer sponsored insurance.) Does anyone remember Obama’s comments before and during his healthcare takeover? “A single payer health care credit–universal healthcare credit. That’s what I’d like to see, but as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.”

How much easier it will be to be able to transition everyone into a single payer system when we have most people already herded into only three government systems. To those legislators and governor who are currently playing the shepherds, have you looked down the road at what is possible in a decade with the healthcare programs you have enabled? Obama further stated, “There’s going to be potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out or 15 years out or 20 years out....” Have you not considered that you are simply building the “transition process” with your acceptance in Arkansas of the federal-style programs that 37 other states have rejected – and now claiming that a waiver written by ACA architects will save us?

I am curious that so many legislators are so trusting of this, the most deceitful and controlling federal administration in our nation’s history. I am curious that legislators believe this administration will honor anything that promises more freedom to the states when one of the architect’s of the ACA, Jonathan Gruber, who several times called Americans stupid, lauds the 1332 waiver as being integral toward the development of a single payer system, ‘‘Under this section, the state could obtain the federal premium and cost-sharing subsidies to fund a single payer system...”

I do not believe that a 1332 waiver is any kind of salvation to the health care debacle coming out of the Hutchinson administration.

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