Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arkansas: Pro-Gun Bills on the Move

by NRA-ILA: Yesterday, Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) signed Senate Bill 612 into law. SB 612 was introduced by state Senator Jon Woods (R-7) and has been codified into law as Act 649. Act 649 removes the restriction on law-abiding, permanent U.S. residents who are not citizens from obtaining an Arkansas concealed handgun license. SB 612 passed in the House of Representatives on March 17 by a 79-1 vote after passing in the state Senate by a 26-3 vote on March 9.

On Tuesday, Senate Bill 159 passed the Arkansas State Senate by a 33-1 vote. SB 159, introduced by Senator Linda Collins-Smith (R-19), would remove the absolute prohibition on carrying a concealed firearm into a county courthouse for employees who have a concealed handgun license. Since SB 159 was amended in Senate committee, after yesterday’s Senate passage, SB 159 was referred back to the House Judiciary Committee where it will be considered in its amended form. Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and politely urge them to SUPPORT SB 159.

The following three pro-gun bills passed favorably out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, and are all now awaiting consideration on the Senate floor. Please contact your state Senator TODAY and urge him or her to SUPPORT the following pro-gun bills when they are brought before them for consideration.

House Bill 1240, introduced by state Representative Dwight Tosh (R-52), would strengthen the civil immunity statute to protect a person from civil damages stemming from an incident when he or she lawfully uses deadly physical force in self-defense or in defense of another person.

House Bill 1372, introduced by state Representative David Meeks (R-70), would remove the absolute prohibition on carrying a concealed firearm on school property for private K-12 schools and allow those schools to establish policies regarding the scope of who may carry a concealed firearm on school property.

House Bill 1505, introduced by state Representative Michelle Gray (R-62), would remove the absolute prohibition on having a firearm in the vehicle while in certain public parking lots for individuals with a concealed handgun license.

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