Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Alarming Background Information on Senator David Sanders' SB828

by Womens Action Group:
"Wyden’s Waiver: State Innovation on Steroids"
 by John E. McDonough of Harvard University
Published by Duke University Press

Bullet points taken from the above article:

·       "The architect and achiever of Section 1332" waivers is Oregon Democrat US Senator Wyden who is and was the intellectual leader on national health reform. (Senator Sanders referred to Section 1332 waivers in his Facebook post in relation to his SB828.)

·       "The Vermont Health Benefit Exchange, operated by the state as part of the ACA, was designed purposefully to evolve to assume single-payer coverage and financing responsibilities beginning in 2017. Vermont officials intend to be the first to file for a 1332 waiver, and they recognize that their vision would be less feasible absent section 1332."

·       Jonathan Gruber (the one that called American stupid) is mentioned as helping prepare the "Vermont Option:  Achieving Affordable Universal Health Care" and said Gruber "identified section 1332 as an important tool to enable the state to achieve its goal of  'cost-sharing subsidies to fund a single payer system.'"

·       "A report on single-payer financing released in January 2013 pegged the monetry value of a 1332 waiver to the state at $267 million."  So a single payer system, universal health care, was on the mind of those who created the 1332 waivers.

·       "The law's biggest impact on state innovation will be section 1332 in Title I" -   Sanders referred to this section in his Facebook post in relation to his SB828.

·       "Wyden's plan would have guaranteed that if you liked your current coverage, you would not keep it."

·       There are strings (xx(b)(1). Sanders did not note these strings.

·       Three of those strings are as follows:  "The HHS secretary has the authority to determine whether or not to grant a waiver and must promulage regulations to implement this section, and no waiver can last longer than five years and waivers can be renewed by the state and the secretary"  So the health care will still be under US government control and waiver will be issued only if it satisfies Obamacare; who knows what will be required, the costs, etc. and waiver last no longer than five years so when the waiver is finished, who picks up the tab for enrollees in the program.  

·       So how are the waivers going to benefit Arkansas and what will be the strings attached?

·       Has Senator Sanders' views now shifted to a single payer system?  I hope not, but judging from his past actions in helping create the Private Option and his SB828, there is no proof that he is not close to that view or possibly heading in that direction without knowing where he is headed.

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Rose Cali said...

Progressives want single payer. Always been the goal. When all physicians come under ACOs the axe falls. <32% of Docs are independent