Sunday, November 2, 2014

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Endorses Leslie Rutledge for Attorney General

Vote for Leslie Rutledge
for Attorney General
Today the Arkansas Democrat Gazette sent a simple but powerful reminder to Arkansans saying, "Today we endorse Leslie Rutledge as the next attorney general of Arkansas -- the real Leslie Rutledge, the one who's devoted years to both public service and her political party, not the grotesque caricature her opponents have painted of her in emails, press releases, and attack after attack in this mud-caked election season" [Read full endorsement at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette]

Bill Smith, Editor:  Arkansans are projected to elect by a significant margin Republican Asa Hutchinson as its Governor. and a Republican  majority to the  Arkansas State Senate and House.

Liberal progressives are desperate  to elect the Attorney General in hopes of preventing a Republican Governor and our elected legislature from standing strong against the the Obama administrations progressive agenda especially by Federal Agencies, and defending the positions taken by Arkansas.  We have seen the failures by years of former Democrat AG s failing to protect Arkansas interests against Federal government and regulatory agencies.  It is time for a Republican Attorney General to be elected for the good of Arkansas.

Some one said to me that Leslie Rutledge is a female bulldog.  I simply responded, I hope so!  We need a tough minded and prepared bulldog as AG who is ready to protect the interests of Arkansas before the Federal courts including the Supreme Court and  also strong enough to uphold the laws of Arkansas  even against those in her own party.  We need an Attorney General willing to take on the Federal government with tenacity and perseverance.  Leslie Rutledge is that person.

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