Sunday, October 5, 2014

VA Abuse Investigation Denied By Sen Mark Pryor

By Ron Bartels: This is not a campaign ad, but it should be. I know this veteran. He lives in the Fort Smith area. He is real and his story needs to see the light of day.

Senator Mark Pryor is still covering up this Arkansas case. Every one of us should pressure Senator Pryor to come clean.

Lynn E. Carter is a Vietnam Veteran and former radio broadcaster from Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He recently suffered another stroke. The VA left him lying in urine for hours, apparently hoping he would just go ahead and die off. Mr. Carter was tougher than that.

He is not seeking to sue the VA for millions, although I think he should for the humiliation he suffered, but he does seek a public apology by and from the VA. Those VA staff members who neglected this veteran wish not to be exposed. We do not need a U.S. Senator protecting these staff members and ignoring an honorable veteran.

Let us all show our loyalty and our true colors and stand up for this honorable Vietnam Veteran.

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