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Top 5 Broken Promises From Mark Pryor's 2002 Debates

He didn't think we would remember!
Mark Pryor has a long record of saying one thing in Arkansas and voting the opposite in Washington, D.C.
Little Rock, Arkansas — As a result of Senator Pryor refusing to consider six different televised debates, Arkansas voters will only have two opportunities to see their candidates for U.S. Senate debate (Monday and Tuesday of next week).  In anticipation of those two upcoming debates, we've compiled the list of Senator Mark Pryor's top-5 broken promises from his 2002 debates.
Senator Pryor has a long history of talking like a centrist here in Arkansas, but voting like a liberal when he’s back in Washington, D.C.  He started this trend during his two debates in 2002, making a host of promises in Arkansas that he turned around and broke in Washington.
In advance of next week’s debates, here are Senator Pryor’s top 5 broken promises he made during the 2002 debates:
5. Senator Pryor promised to represent Arkansas, not the Democratic Party in Washington… WATCH 2002 VIDEO
Yet time and time again, Senator Pryor has towed the party line and voted for liberal policies that are bad for Arkansas.  There’s no better example of this than his vote for Obamacare, a bill Arkansans overwhelmingly opposed before, during, and after its passage.  Senator Pryor still defends his vote, calling Obamacare “an amazing success story,” as thousands of Arkansans have seen their plans cancelled and Arkansas's largest employer recently announced it will be cutting health insurance for 30,000 part-time workers.  But unfortunately, Senator Pryor’s support for anti-Arkansas policies doesn’t end there:
  • Senator Pryor voted for a ban on so-called "assault weapons" just months into his first term in the Senate, directly violating Arkansans' Second Amendment rights.
  • Senator Pryor voted to confirm President Obama’s liberal nominee to lead the EPA, the very individual responsible for implementing a tidal wave of new environmental regulations that are hurting Arkansas farmers and ratepayers.
  • Senator Pryor supported Dodd-Frank, a policy that’s hurting community banks across the Natural State and making it harder for Arkansans to get loans.
4. Senator Pryor promised to repeal the Death Tax… WATCH 2002 VIDEO
Pryor even acknowledged how harmful the Death tax is to family farms and small businesses. But in Washington, D.C., Senator Pryor voted against full or partial repeals of the Death Tax 12 times.
3. Senator Pryor promises to help Arkansas’s small businesses… WATCH 2002 VIDEO
This promise wasn't just broken -- it was shattered.  Senator Pryor's record on small business issues has been atrocious.  
  • Pryor's votes for taxes and regulations have hurt small businesses.  Pryor voted to raise taxes on small businesses by supporting higher taxes for single filers making over $200,000.  According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 75 percent of small businesses file as individuals.
  • Pryor's steadfast support for Obamacare is costing small businesses dearly.  Our campaign recently told the story of one Little Rock small business struggling to survive Obamacare's high costs and mandates. 
  • On labor issues, Mark Pryor has carried the water for big labor, earning a lifetime AFL-CIO rating of 83%. Pryor was even a co-sponsor and supporter of card check legislation.
2. Senator Pryor promises to limit government spending… WATCH 2002 VIDEO
Yeah, right!  Under Pryor's "leadership," our national debt has grown by an average of nearly $1 trillion each year he's been in Washington.  Senator Pryor has never seen a spending bill he didn't like.  He's voted for everything from President Obama's $787 billion failed "stimulus," to the bailouts of Wall Street, Detroit, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. With all that spending, he shouldn't expect Arkansas voters to bail him out this November.
1. Senator Pryor promised to be bipartisan and not vote with the President more than 90 percent of the time… WATCH 2002 VIDEO

Believe it or not, Senator Pryor actually attacked his 2002 opponent for voting over 90% of the time with the President of his own party.  That's like the pot calling the kettle black! Senator Pryor has voted with President Obama 93 percent of the time.  Unfortunately for Senator Pryor, there aren't many Arkansans who agree with President Obama 93% of the time.  Arkansans have learned that Senator Pryor is a reliable rubber-stamp for President Obama’s agenda.  Senator Pryor’s comments in 2002 are the best indication yet that he simply lost his way after spending a dozen years in Washington.

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