Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Choice for Arkansas’s Next Governor is Clear: Asa Hutchinson

Little Rock, Arkansas — Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb issued the following statement regarding yesterday's statewide KATV Gubernatorial Debate.

“After tonight’s decided win for Asa Hutchison, the choice for Arkansas’s next Governor has never been more clear. We need a Governor with the experience to understand that Arkansas needs tax cuts for the middle class; that we need to grow our private sector, not the government sector; and that we need a leader with the problem solving skills to move Arkansas forward with an absolute path for implementation.   Asa has that plan. The only choice for Arkansas is a vote for Asa Hutchison on November 4.” 
Other Sources: "Debating the issues on stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson laid out his plans for the future of Arkansas while rebutting attacks made by his opponent, former Democratic Congressman Mike Ross.

"While the topics in the debate hosted by KATV ranged from the serious question of the need for additional prison space to the lighthearted question of the funniest story from the campaign trail, Asa laid out his plans for job creation and economic growth.

"Asa’s plan includes tax relief for our middle income families, more efficient and effective workforce training, and computer science in every high school.

"When asked about the main differences between their tax plans, Asa said 'My plan is doable and it starts with the middle class. They are hurting and they are the ones who need lower taxes the most.'" ~   J.R. Davis

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross flip-flopped on cutting income taxes, FIRST saying he was against them:
“So when you start talking about cutting taxes, unless you are talking about shifting the burden to other taxes, you are talking about laying off teachers, you are talking about kicking seniors out of the nursing home and you are talking about letting murderers and rapists out of prison,” Ross told about 150 people at a breakfast meeting of the Political Animals Club. “It is pretty simple math,” he said. (“Governor Hopefuls Ross, Hutchinson Spar on Income Tax,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/17/13:

THEN, after Asa released his plan to lower income taxes for Arkansas’s middle class, the Ross campaign flopped, saying:
“We are pleased to see Asa Hutchinson has come around to Mike Ross’s position,” said Ross spokesman Brad Howard. (“Hutchinson Backs Income-Tax Cut with $100 Million Tag,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 11/13/13:

THREE MONTHS LATER, Mr. Ross finally releases his own, vague plan, with NO TIMELINE, at a cost of $575 MILLION A YEAR. It makes Mr. Ross’s attack on Asa’s $100 million dollar plan look silly.

“My income tax plan will be gradually implemented as the state experiences revenue growth so we can maintain our state’s balanced budget and protect important state services like education, Medicaid and public safety,” he said. (“Ross Unveils Proposal to Cut Income Taxes,” Arkansas News Bureau, 2/5/14:

Finally, at the Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance Candidate Forum, Mike Ross revealed that his income tax plan is to be implemented over eight years. This means that Ross’ income tax plan alone will cost the state more than $71 million dollars a year.

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