Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thanks for Nothing, Senator Pryor

Despite his new ad, Senator Pryor did nothing to actually stop the EPA's proposed farm dust regulations, and he definitely doesn't believe in smaller government
Just weeks after running an ad defending his vote for Obamacare—the poster child for big government policies—Senator Mark Pryor did an about face today with his new ad touting his commitment to "smaller" government and reigning in EPA overreach.  But as usual, what Senator Pryor says in Arkansas and how he votes in Washington are two very different things.
  • Was Senator Pryor voting for "smaller" government when he voted to spend $787 billion in taxpayer money on Obama's "stimulus?"
  • Was Senator Pryor voting for "smaller" government when he stuck Arkansas taxpayers with the tab for the Wall Street bailout? 
  • Was Senator Pryor voting for "smaller" government when he teamed up with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama to add nearly $1 trillion per year to our national debt? 
In Senator Pryor's new ad, someone tells him "Thank you," for supposedly helping shrink the size of government. We suspect most Arkansans, if given the opportunity, would tell Senator Pryor: "Thanks for nothing."
Senator Pryor says he opposed the EPA’s proposed farm dust regulations and signed a letter telling the EPA not to regulate farm dust. But he actually did nothing to stop them.
  • Senator Pryor was NOT a co-sponsor of the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011, bipartisan legislation that would have blocked the EPA’s proposed farm dust regulation.
  • Senator Pryor voted with fellow Democrats to prevent amendments that blocked the EPA’s farm dust regulation from even coming up for a vote.
  • Senator Pryor supported the confirmations of President Obama’s former EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, the very individual responsible for the proposed farm dust regulations.
This is typical Mark Pryor: Talk one way in Arkansas and vote the liberal line in Washington, D.C.," said Cotton supporter. “For the last six years Senator Pryor has sat idly by and rubber stamped President Obama’s liberal agenda. The only things Arkansans have to thank Senator Pryor for are more taxes, more debt, and more expensive health insurance.”

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