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Reviewing Mike Ross' Liberal And Anti-Arkansas Votes On Obamacare ...

. . . Mike Ross Wasn't Really A Blue-Dog; Maybe a Lap-Dog or Worse. Now he want the Governor's chair!
Mike Ross was no Blue-Dog. What is your favorite Name for
a Failed Blue Dog?  You don't have to use any of the above.
 Also you may review the original 48 comments posted
by readers on Nov. 15, 2009. 

Ross, Obamacare and HR 3200
“…the guy who got it done.”

In 2009, Congressman Mike Ross, now the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, was credited as the “guy who got it done” in pushing a more liberal form of health care (HR 3200), more radical than Obamacare, through the Energy & Commerce Committee, allowing for a full floor vote.

July 22, 2009: As several reports noted, Mr. Ross, leader of the Blue Dogs in the House, held the power to pass or defeat HR 3200 in committee: “With the outcome of the health-care debate at stake, Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., led a contingent of like-minded House Democrats in a meeting Tuesday with President Barack Obama that he called ‘a step in the right direction’ toward reaching agreement on a bill that has stopped in its tracks. … [The Ways and Means Committee] approved its portion of the House bill, as did the House Education and Labor Committee. But in the Energy and Commerce Committee, public hearings have been postponed so members can work out differences in private session. With no Republican support expected, Ross and his fellow Blue Dogs hold the votes needed to pass the bill out of committee to the full House.” (“Blue Dogs Bend Ear Of Obama On Health,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 7/22/09)
July 26, 2009: In an interview with Talk Business and Politics’ Roby Brock, Mr. Ross promised Arkansans the “Lie of the Year”:If you like your health care, you can keep it.”
July 31, 2009: Mr. Ross cut a deal with committee chairman Henry Waxman and three other Blue Dogs which was responsible for passing the more liberal form of Obamacare out of committee. Ross was credited as the “guy who got it done”:As Ross talked to a small group of reporters, Vermont Rep. Peter Welch came up behind the Arkansas Democrat and gave him a slap on the back after the vote, telling the assembled reporters, “This is the guy who got it done.” (“House Energy and Commerce Committee Approves Health Care Bill,” Politico, 7/31/09)

(Rep. Welch is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus whose members work to advance progressive and liberal issues and positions.)

Ross, the leader of the Blue Dogs, voted for it, while five of his Blue Dogs voted against it: John Barrow (GA), Rich Boucher (VA), Jim Matheson (UT), Charlie Melancon (LA), Bart Stupak (MI)

Ross has said his work on HR 3200 was one of his biggest accomplishments:  “Ross said his biggest accomplishment as a Blue Dog was in the summer of 2009, leading seven members in discussions on health care with President Barack Obama.” (“Ross Wrapping Up 12-Year D.C. Stint,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 12/30/12)

Ross: “I Really Do Believe That We Will Meet The President’s Goal Of Passing Meaningful And Substantive Healthcare Reform This Year And I Want To Be A Part Of Doing That.”

BLOOMBERG’s AL HUNT: “Okay, final quick question - what are the odds that a healthcare bill will pass Congress this year?”

MR. ROSS: “Oh, I think it will. Look, I think we’re closer than we’ve been since Harry Truman first tried to reform healthcare. I really do believe that we will meet the president’s goal of passing meaningful and substantive healthcare reform this year and I want to be a part of doing that.” (Bloomberg’s “Political Capital,” 7/24/09)

Ross Votes Against the Stearns Amendment:
If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It

In 2009, Congressman Mike Ross, now the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, paraded around telling Arkansans that if they liked their insurance, they could keep it. But when he had the chance to vote for an amendment that would have ensured that people get to keep their insurance, Mr. Ross voted ‘no’. That amendment was known as the Stearns Amendment.Thirty-two Democrats helped kill a GOP amendment to explicitly allow people to keep their current health-care plans in a July 2009 House Energy and Commerce Committee vote.

“Nothing in this division shall prevent or limit individuals from keeping their current health benefit plan,” the amendment, offered by former Representative Cliff Stearns, said.

Many of the Democrats who voted to kill the amendment also promised to the public that individuals would be able to keep their current plans. (“In 2009, Democrats Killed ‘Keep Your Plan’ Amendment in Committee," National Review, 12/19/13)
Below is the linked language to the entire amendment:
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