Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pryor Has Helped Add $11 Trillion To The National Debt

The National Debt As Of October 1, 2014: $ 17,781,487,901,300.17. ($17.8 Trillion) (Treasury Department’s Debt To The Penny, Accessed 10/1/14)

When Pryor Took Office On January 7, 2003, The National Debt Was $6,387,381,983,103.35 ($6.39 Trillion) (Treasury Department’s Debt To The Penny, Accessed 8/28/13)

Ironically, Pryor Actually Admitted That He Was Part Of The Problem In Creating The Country’s $16 Trillion Debt. ROBY BROCK: “Still we are 16 trillion dollars in debt as a nation we are still deficit spending as a nation. There is nothing really, I think, conclusive that is going to happen to address these problems when you look at the gridlock in Washington. A lot of people say this is a failure of leadership and you are one of our leaders. Is that a fair criticism that we are not doing enough on that?” MARK PRYOR: “On the debt and deficit I dos think that all of us should take the blame. Democrats, Republicans, House, Senate, and the President I think we missed a good opportunity when Simpson-Bowles came out with their debt reduction efforts. They basically laid out the blueprint that we need to follow. Now I would have changed some things in Simpson-Bowles, but overall, overall, when you look at the general framework, it’s the right framework we have to follow. I think the President should have taken that, and I have been part of groups in the Senate that have tried to move it to the floor and have a vote on it. I’ve been very supportive of this since day one. So, I’m not in the camp of do nothing or let’s play the blame game or I’m afraid to do things that are hard. I’m willing to do things that are hard, because it’s the right thing to do.” (KARK’s “Capitol View,” 6/2/13)

In 2002, Pryor Said He Ran For Senate “To Balance The Budget And Pay Off The National Debt”
Pryor Claimed That “I Have A Higher Priority Than That, And That Is To Balance The Budget And Pay Off The National Debt,” And “That’s What I Ran On In My Campaign, And That’s What I’ll Do In Washington.” CBS’s GLORIA BORGER: “Well, Senator-elect Pryor, will you vote to make the tax cut permanent?” PRYOR: “Well, it all depends on the circumstances as they--as they exist at the time. We don't know how long the recession will last. We don't know how long the war on terrorism is go--will last and what that will do to the federal budget. I have a higher priority than that, and that is to balance the federal budget and pay off the national debt. I think that is something that really would be irresponsible for me to commit to right now, not knowing what the future holds. But I'm always for trying to find ways to reduce taxes, if possible. One thing that people know about me here in Arkansas is, you know, when I was in the state Legislature, the other side accused me of voting for taxes 12 times, but I voted against tax increases 54 times when I was in the Arkansas House of Representatives. So I--I--I'm always looking for ways to cut taxes, and--but you have to be responsible with your fiscal policy and, you know, that's my commitment. That's what I ran on during the campaign, and that's what I'll do in Washington.” (CBS’ “Face The Nation, 11/10/02)

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