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NRA: Patrick Henry Hays Reckless Record = 'F'

Champions Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control agenda in Arkansas 

Little Rock, Arkansas — In his current bid for US Congress, Former North Little Rock mayor Patrick Henry Hays received an ‘F’ rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA) because of his Second Amendment record while in office. Hays was one of the only mayors in Arkansas to join Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition. The coalition supports new federal firearm regulations, including new restrictions on ammunition, gun transportation and gun shows.   The coalition also advocates for new federal gun registration mandates.  The city of North Little Rock is no longer a member of the coalition. There are currently no towns or cities in Arkansas’ Second Congressional District participating in the coalition.  Republican congressional candidate French Hill has both an ‘A’ rating from the NRA and the organization’s endorsement.

“26-year career politician Patrick Henry Hays’ ‘F’ rating from the NRA is just one more reason we can’t afford him in Washington,” said Doyle Webb, RPA Chairman. “Hays will support President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg’s reckless gun control agenda.”

Arkansas Democrat Pat Hays Was a Member of Mr. Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition.
“Arkansas Democrat Pat Hays, who was a member of Mr. Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns when he was mayor of North Little Rock. Mr. Hays is an underdog against NRA A-rated Republican French Hill for the seat being vacated by GOP Rep. Tim Griffin.” (“Bloomberg Gun Control Group’s Endorsements Are incumbent-Heavy,” Wall Street Journal, 10/7/2014)

As Mayor, Hays Had North Little Rock Join The Communities for Safer Guns Coalition and Agreed to Give Special Treatment to Smith & Wesson After the Gunmaker Agreed to Implement Tighter Safety and Dealer Standards.
“The Communities for Safer Guns Coalition, which North Little Rock joined with Hays' approval, agreed to give special treatment to Smith & Wesson after the gunmaker agreed to implement tighter safety and dealer standards. The coalition decision was backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Smith & Wesson, the country's largest handgun manufacturer, was the only gunmaker to agree to the standards. In exchange, the cities agreed to drop liability lawsuits against Smith & Wesson or not to sue the company. The safety measures included installing mandatory gun locks and child-safety devices on all weapons, introducing "smart gun" technology that allows guns to be fired only by the owner and barring gun sales to retailers who fail to do background checks on buyers. Hays said last week that joining the coalition was something he "felt very comfortable with." But Nolan said a brand name shouldn't be allowed to dictate what weapons the city will buy.” (“North Little Rock joins other cities with pledge to Smith & Wesson,” Associated Press, 5/2/00)

The NRA and Other Gun Manufacturers Opposed the Program as an Illegal Conspiracy to Restrict Trade.
“Earlier this year, Smith & Wesson announced it would install locks on all the firearms it sells to safeguard them from children, introduce "smart gun" technology within three years and prohibit the sale of its weapons at gun shows without a background check. NRA leaders and other gunmakers sharply criticized Smith & Wesson for jeopardizing gun owners' Second Amendment rights, but said the company still was welcome at its convention. "Some manufacturers aren't happy," said Ken Jorgenson, a spokesman for the Springfield, Mass. gunmaker. "But we're still talking." Smith & Wesson also will be the preferred gun retailer for law enforcement officials in 190 communities that have joined the Communities for Safer Guns Coalition. Seven other gun-makers and an industry group have challenged the arrangement in court alleging illegal conspiracy to restrict trade.” (Paul Nowell, “NRA promises 'celebration of Second Amendment',” Associated Press, 5/20/00)

Even Hays’ Police Chief Opposed The Decision
“The police chief here says he doesn't agree with the mayor's decision to give favorable consideration to Smith & Wesson when buying guns for police. Police Chief William P. Nolan says Mayor Patrick Henry Hays didn't consult him about the decision last week, although they have "very similar philosophies about firearms and the safety of firearms." He says his department recently used a bid process to buy 25 Beretta semiautomatic weapons with cable locks. To replace all of the department's guns with weapons made by Smith & Wesson would cost between $125,000 to $150,000, he says.” (“North Little Rock joins other cities with pledge to Smith & Wesson,” Associated Press, 5/2/00)

The $15 Million Federally Funded Program Created by Mario Cuomo in the Clinton Administration was Ended Under President Bush

“The Bush administration on Monday said it was ending funding for Andrew Cuomo's gun buyback program at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a move critics assailed as yet another attack on gun control laws. The program took about 20,000 guns off the streets in 80 cities in its first year, HUD estimated. The $15 million program began in November 1999 under the Clinton administration. It gave local police departments up to $500,000 to buy guns in and around public housing projects for a suggested price of $50. The guns taken in were destroyed. ... She said HUD was focusing on affordable housing and was no longer participating in the Communities for Safer Guns Coalition begun by Cuomo. Current officials at HUD said funding for the buyback program was cut because the program could make no guarantees that it was decreasing the supply of guns to criminals or that lawbreakers were surrendering their weapons. HUD said buybacks remove only 1 percent to 2 percent of guns from the streets. HUD also said that public housing authorities have shown little interest in making use of the program. Only 100 of the 1,000 housing authorities were participating.” (Shannon McCaffrey, “Bush ending Cuomo's gun buyback program,” Associated Press, 7/23/01)

P.S. Note the NRA endorsement and A rating for the other candidate French Hill.  

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