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Mike Ross Flip-Flops on Abortion

Ross Flip-Flops (Twice) on Abortion
 “…it should be safe, legal and rare.”

LITTLE ROCK – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross has flip-flopped time and time again in his stance on abortion.

As a state senator, Mr. Ross voted multiple times against pro-life legislation:

  • In 1995: Mr. Ross Also Opposed Legislation To Make Abortion Coverage An Extra-Cost Option In Health Insurance Policies. (“Abortion Coverage Bill Fails In Committee,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2/18/95)
  • In 1995: Mr. Ross Voted Against A Bill Requiring Doctors To Provide Women With Certain Information At Least One Day Before Performing An Abortion. (“Bill For Information On Abortion Rejected,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/9/95)
  • In 1997: Mr. Ross Did Not Support A Bill That Would Have Banned Partial-Birth Abortions; One Provision In The Bill Would Have Enabled Felony Charges Against Doctors. (“Panel Vote Goes Against Abortion Bill,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 2/8/97) 
  • In 1999: Mr. Ross Opposed A Bill Requiring Women Seeking An Abortion To Receive An Ultrasound 24 Hours Before The Procedure. (“Committee Rejects Pre-Abortion Testing,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4/3/99)
FLIP: This changed when Ross was elected to Congress. As a congressman, Mr. Ross supported pro-life measures – even receiving a 100% rating from the National Right to Life for awhile.. (Federal NRLC Scorecard - 112th Congress, Combined Sessions)

FLOP: When Ross moved back to Arkansas to run for governor, he switched once again. 
I think from a public policy standpoint it should be safe, legal and rare.” (“Mike Ross Flip Flops on Abortion,” Arkansas News, 4/24/13)

FLIP: Mr. Ross even flipped again in a recent article from Talk Business.
“I am a conservative Democrat who is pro-life and pro-gun.” (“Governor Candidates Trade Barbs On Ross Visit To Jonesboro,” Talk Business & Politics, 9/3/14)


  • Andrew Demillo, AP:  “Now that he's running for governor, Ross is portraying himself as a defender of abortion rights and criticizing state legislators who passed an abortion ban nearly identical to one he supported in Washington - and reminding voters ahead of a heated primary that he's in the race as a Democrat.” (“Mike Ross Shifts on Abortion As Campaign Begins for Arkansas Governor,” Associated Press, 4/26/13)
  • John Brummett, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Ross is getting pummeled for positioning himself as a moderate defender of a woman’s right to choose when, in fact, he voted precisely the opposite in Congress.” (“Runners on Your Marks,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/5/13)
  • Roby Brock, Talk Business Arkansas: “You voted for it in one instance, you’re going to veto it in another instance – that seems inconsistent to me.” (“Ross Says Session Partisan, Defends Abortion Position,” Talk Business Arkansas, 4/21/13)
  • Max Brantley, Arkansas Times: “Principle does matter. Whether it’s on abortion or gay rights or taxes or Obamacare, Mike Ross has been wrong time after time. And Bill Halter has said some pretty courageous things. I can’t help but look back to 2006 when the gay adoption ban was on the ballot and Bill Halter stood up at a campaign rally and urged people to vote against it. Mike Ross voted for it. Mike Ross is just an opportunistic sleaze bag.” (Max Brantley, Week in Review Podcast, Arkansas Times, 3/22/13) 

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