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Mark Pryor Takes A Beat Down in Two Senate Debates. Tom Cotton Clear Winner!

The Two Debates are Over! Tom Cotton is the clear winner. However, winning the election is the critical issue verses debates.  The Democrats have also claimed victory but that's standard practice.

 Rep Tim Cotton was open to numerous debates but Sen. Mark Pryor could only handle two. And, Pryor did so without much grace.  Pryor obviously didn't want risk more negative press.

In First Debate, Cotton Ties Pryor To Obama; As Pryor Struggles To Defend His Record

In a Friday afternoon debate on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas, U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton repeatedly tied Senator Pryor to President Obama and criticized Pryor for rubber-stamping President Obama's agenda 93% of the time.  While Senator Pryor's tone was angry and defensive, he couldn't explain away his 93% support for Obama's agenda, and he stuttered and stumbled through several answers.

Cotton demonstrated a strong command of the issues and maintained poise and control throughout.  Pryor became visibly agitated trying to answer for his support of President Obama's agenda in a host of issue areas.  At one point, Pryor became so frustrated that he lashed out at Cotton, repeating his infamous attack that Cotton exhibits a "sense of entitlement," an attack that was widely ridiculed as a tasteless, personal attack on Cotton's military service.

"President Obama said just last week that his policies are on the ballot - every single one of them, and I agree with him. In Arkansas, those policies are on the ballot under the name of Mark Pryor," said Cotton. "Senator Pryor has said that President Obama doesn't have a lot to offer rural America and states like Arkansas. I agree. I just don't understand why he continually votes for the President's agenda 93% of the time."

Cotton easily bested Pryor on several exchanges including Obamacare, taxes, and foreign policy, and while Cotton spoke directly to issues that impact the day-to-day lives of hardworking Arkansans, Senator Pryor whined about negative TV ads and campaign contributions.  Apparently Senator Pryor would much rather discuss the process of politics than his performance as our U.S. Senator.

In Second Debate, Cotton Cruises And Pryor Proves He Doesn't Deserve Re-Election

Pryor claims $200,000 per year is "middle-class," while Arkansas's median household income is $40,000

In the second and final Arkansas U.S. Senate debate, Senator Mark Pryor imploded on live TV, claiming that $200,000 was his definition of "middle-class." Pryor must have forgotten he was not on the Senate Floor and back in Arkansas. His out-of-touch comments were completely disconnected from reality. The median household income in Arkansas is roughly $40,000 per year.

On the other hand, Tom Cotton was again in command of the issues and highlighted Senator Pryor's support of President Obama at nearly every opportunity.

"I've spent the last year traveling around the state, speaking to a truck driver in El Dorado, a farmer from Jonesboro, and a nurse from Hot Springs," said Cotton. "They are frustrated with Washington and they should be. I haven't been in Washington very long, but I have been there long enough to know Washington needs change."

Even though Pryor refused to include foreign policy among the list of topics in the debate, Cotton repeatedly found opportunities to highlight his military credentials on topic areas like the VA, the national debt, and the 188th fighter wing. But in easily the most memorable exchange of the night, Pryor said that his definition of "middle-class" included those making up to $200,000.

"$200,000 a year may be considered 'middle-class' in places like Georgetown or Chevy Chase, but it's certainly not middle-class in places like Jonesboro or Rison," said Cotton spokesman David Ray. "Senator Pryor proved tonight he is simply out-of-touch and doesn't deserve to be re-elected."

Editor's Debate Summary: Cotton: 2 wins; Pryor 2 Losses
Again, debate wins are great but voters must  get out and vote and stop an Obama suit from going back to Washington to support Sen Harry Reid and President Barack Obama. Time to "Pick Cotton" in the General Election.

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