Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Look Who's Lying Now

by Gun Owner of America
Sen. Pryor claims pro-gun stance despite his horrid voting record
“Despite tremendous support for President Obama’s anti-gun agenda, Senator Mark Pryor is now trying to reinvent himself as the Clint Eastwood of the Natural State.” -- GOA’s Director of Communications Erich Pratt.

Senator, Mark Pryor (D), isn’t telling you the whole truth.

The Boston Globe -- in a recent article entitled “Democrats running for office ditch Obama ties” -- singled out your Senator Mark Pryor as one of those who are now trying to run away from his associations with the President.

Of course, this is typical Washington-style politics.  Anti-gunners like Pryor will vote to eviscerate the Constitution and to restrict your Second Amendment rights, but at election time, they tell you they’ve been with you all along.
This is exactly what Sen. Pryor is doing, but it’s a complete and utter lie! 

After all, just look at some of the President’s anti-gun policies that Pryor has supported over the past few years:
* Pryor voted for two extremely anti-gun Supreme Court Justices -- Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan;
* Pryor cast the deciding vote in favor of the anti-gun ObamaCare law, ignoring the concerns of gun owners that a national health database will be used by federal bureaucrats to disarm law-abiding Americans;
* Pryor voted against an amendment offered by Sen. Rand Paul (in 2011) designed to protect the privacy of gun owners -- language that would have exempted 4473’s from the blanket information demands which the ATF can make under the PATRIOT Act; and,
* Pryor voted for a veteran’s gun ban (in 2013) that would send a person to prison for 15 years for selling a firearm to a veteran, without realizing that he was one of the 175,000-plus military veterans who was put into the NICS system for PTSD.

While these anti-gun votes are just the tip of the iceberg, gun owners in the state are, sadly, getting mixed messages regarding Senator Pryor’s record. 

This is why Gun Owners of America has compiled a 2014 Voter Guide, where we rate all incumbents (like Pryor) based on their actual voting record ... not by what they say.
And it’s based on Senator Pryor’s voting record that GOA has rated him as a “D.” 
But every Arkansan knows that the Natural State deserves much better than a “D” rated Senator.

Pryor’s opponent, Tom Cotton, is “A” rated by Gun Owners of America.  Please contact him and thank him for his support of your Second Amendment rights.

ACTION: Please distribute this alert to as many people as you can.  Distribute this to all of your state lists -- and to your friends and family in the state.  And make sure to thank Tom Cotton for his staunch defense of your gun rights.

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