Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jeckyll / Hyde: Patrick Henry Hays Gets Thrashed by ADG Editorial

October 8, 2014
"'Tis the season" by Paul Greeenberg

At this early point, (dis)credit for the lowest political ad of this sad season goes to none other than--the envelope, please--Patrick Henry Hays!

...Yet somehow he wound up having to take responsibility for the lowest political commercial of this campaign. So far. You know the one--the one in which he called his honorable opponent, a local banker named French Hill, everything but honorable. Sad...

Then it was the night of the full moon, and good old Pat Hays went all 2014. The more callous of us may have brushed off his resort to character assassination as just normal for this time of the campaign, his charges against his opponent as just the usual campaign rhetoric. But it proved impossible for decent folk to ignore that repellent television commercial he ran against his Republican opponent. It was like going to a musical comedy and watching it turn into a horror flick without warning. Dr. Jekyll had suddenly become Mr. Hyde.

So do the mighty, or just the middlin', fall. That ad went beyond the usual bounds of not just campaign rhetoric but decency. And there's no use trying to brush it off as just the usual guff. It was a new and dirty low. That one commercial may have decided this congressional race in the Second District--against Pat Hays.

Why? Because no matter how much our politicians may appeal to our lowest instincts, the people of Arkansas retain their highest, like a simple sense of fairness. Mr. Hays may have just thrown the biggest boomerang of this political season--and it's coming right back at him. Full force. Result: He may have succeeded in beating himself in this congressional race.

It's a great show, politics, but it can also be an all too revealing one. For a moral comes with every story. And 'tis the season for sad transformations.

But keep the good thought: Christmas is coming, however slow, and with it the season of good cheer. I for one can hardly wait for the holly and tinsel to start appearing, and even for that inescapable Little Drummer Boy to start humming in elevators, department stores and on radio stations with lots of air time to fill. It'll be a relief, all that peace on earth and good will toward men, and maybe, just maybe, ladies and gentlemen will start acting like ladies and gentlemen again.

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