Friday, October 10, 2014

Griffin Releases Second TV Ad: "Tell It Like It Is"

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Joe Woodward of Magnolia, appears in new ad
LITTLE ROCK – Second District Congressman Tim Griffin, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released his second television ad of the general election campaign and the following statement:
“At a young age, my parents taught me to tell it like it is and that’s exactly what I will do as lieutenant governor. Arkansas needs reform. It’s past time for us to reform our tax code, modernize workforce training and demand a top to bottom review of each and every state agency and their regulations. I want to take Arkansas in a better direction so we can grow good-paying jobs and compete.”
“Tell It Like It Is” Script
Griffin: “If you want to know what somebody is all about, find out how they were raised.
Chryon: Magnolia, AR
Griffin: “I’m Tim Griffin, and I was raised right here in Magnolia.
Chryon: Tim Griffin
Griffin: “The son of a Baptist pastor and a teacher, I learned here to tell it like it is and that’s what I will do as lieutenant governor.
Griffin: “The Obama policies are hurting our country, and I have fought the president’s bad ideas every step of the way.
Chryon: Tim Griffin
Griffin: “But now we need to reform our government, grow jobs and take Arkansas in a better direction.”
Chryon: Government reform
Chryon: Job growth
Chryon: A better direction
Narrator: Tim Griffin. Lieutenant Governor.

The ad can be viewed here:

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