Monday, October 6, 2014

Garcia Guilty of Ethics Violations rings of Deja Vu For Voters

The last thing Arkansas can afford is a Deja Vu moment," said Dennis Milligan, Republican nominee for state treasurer. "Democrat nominee Karen Garcia's admission she violated state ethic's laws after entering a settlement plea with the Arkansas State Ethics Commission makes Garcia look exactly like a Martha Shoffner clone.

"Convicted felon and former Democrat state treasurer Shoffner did the same things on her campaign financial reports and we all saw where that leads. Arkansans deserve better,” Milligan said. “If we elect a Martha Shoffner clone, what result can you expect. As 'Yogi' Berra said it will be 'déjà vu all over again.’ "

A six-page citizen’s complaint was filed against Garcia in August by a Republican activist claiming her reports were both sloppy and filed incorrectly over a five-month period. On Friday, the Ethics Commission issued a letter of caution to Garcia after she entered a plea agreement.

Milligan, a successful business man for 30 years, said he knows what it takes to be Arkansas’ next state treasurer.

“I’ve run multiple businesses, handled millions of dollars in finances, and hired and managed people to do a job correctly,” Milligan said. “The treasurer’s office will have professionals that do better work than Garcia recently displayed. What the next Treasurer needs to be is a skilled manager who can handle the six different divisions and 33 employees in the office. I bring that ability to the table.”

Milligan said Garcia has given Arkansans a glimpse of exactly how she would run the Treasurer's office with her sloppy and inaccurate work.

“Taking care and filing the proper paper work is just part of the job, but an important one," he said. "Filing correct campaign finance reports gives the voters a glimpse of the applicant’s credentials because in the end, that’s what candidates for public office are--- applicants asking their potential future bosses, the people of Arkansas, for a job."

Milligan said being held accountable to the people of Arkansas is why in February he made a public pledge that neither he nor any member of his staff would take gifts from those who do business with the state treasurer’s office. He added that telling the voters what he would do when elected was another reason he publicized the best practices he would follow to make the treasurer’s office more open, transparent and accountable.

“After Shoffner tainted this public office with kick-backs and corruption, I will do everything within my power to restore the people’s trust in this office again,” Milligan said. “I waited for five months for my Democrat opponent to finally make the same pledge about gifts. I’ve have also put forward steps I will take to restore the people's trust. And, I will follow a simple motto while in office: “Obey the law and do what’s right.”

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