Saturday, October 11, 2014

Following Forgery, RPA Chairman Calls On Democrats To Cut Ties With Markham Group

Little Rock, Arkansas — Today, a Special Master, appointed by the Arkansas Supreme Court, issued his findings regarding Stephens vs. Arkansas Secretary of State. These findings include new and compelling evidence that at least one employee of The Markham Group, a Democrat consulting firm in Little Rock, was involved in the committing of or tacitly approving clear and obvious deception in the form of forgery in order to secure additional signatures for the minimum wage ballot initiative.

The forgery occurred on thousands of minimum wage petition parts that were alleged to be notarized by Alex Rancifer, a former Clinton aide and Markham Group employee . The Special Master determined that the notary signature on these petition parts was forged, and the signatures on the petition parts should therefore be considered invalid . (See page 9, points "e" and "f")

In light of these facts, Webb has called on Democrats Mark Pryor and Mike Ross to sever all contractual relationships with The Markham Group, and also to join calls for further investigation into these determinations.

“The petition process for ballot access should be taken seriously. The Markham Group appears to have abused this process, and a court has determined that someone acting on their behalf committed forgery in order to manipulate the democratic process. Senator Mark Pryor, Congressman Mike Ross, and the Democratic Party of Arkansas should sever their ties to this group unless they somehow approve of this illegal behavior.”

Webb concluded, “The Supreme Court will determine whether or not these invalid signatures will allow the initiated act to stay on the ballot. What is not in question, however, is that someone acting on behalf of the Markham Group committed forgery in order to secure ballot access. They should be aggressively investigated and, if appropriate, prosecuted.”

Photos of the forged notary signatures can be viewed here.

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