Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FACT CHECK: Pryor Puts Obama First, Not Arkansas

At The 2008 DNC Convention, Pryor Told The Arkansas Delegation That Obama “Is Exactly The Right Guy For This Moment In History.” “Pryor: You know, he’s the kind of guy that is exactly the right guy for this moment in history.” (Sen. Mark Pryor, Remarks At 2008 DNC Convention, 8/27/08)

Pryor: “My Sense Is There Is A Destiny About Barack Obama.  I Think There Is A Destiny About Him.” (Sen. Mark Pryor, Remarks At 2008 DNC Convention, 8/27/08)

Pryor Said In 2011 That He Thought Obama Deserved Another Four Years In Office. “Pryor said he thought Obama deserved another four years.  ‘I think that President Obama came in [during] an incredibly difficult time, a whole set of circumstances that made his presidency one of the most difficult in American history,’ Pryor said.” (Charlie Frago, “Partisan ‘Games’ Miring Debt-Cap Deal, Pryor Says,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 6/3/11)

FACT CHECK: Thousands Of Arkansas Seniors JUST Lost Their Health Care Plans
This Month, Arkansas Seniors Learned They Would Lose Their Medicare Advantage Plans, Due To Cuts From Obamacare. “Beginning January 2015, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield will no longer offer Medicare Advantage plans to residents in 23 Arkansas counties. According to the insurance company, that means about 4,000 people will either need to find a different guaranteed supplemental program in BCBS or switch to a Medicare Advantage program offered by another provider, if one is available.” (Janelle Lilly, “AR Blue Cross Blue Shield to drop 4,000 Medicare Advantage customers,” KATV, 10/3/14)

Almost 5 Million Americans Have Seen Their Health Insurance Cancelled Due To Obamacare. "Millions of Americans who buy their own health insurance were informed [in 2013] that their policies would no longer be offered starting in 2014 because they do not meet the higher standards of the federal Affordable Care Act."  (Yahoo News, 12/26/13)

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