Sunday, October 19, 2014

Desperate Dems & Push Polls

by Debbie Pelley, Letter to Editor: Eight area state representative candidates spoke in Jonesboro at the Political Animals Club September 26. All eight candidates (four Democrats and four Republicans) said they were pro-life. Everyone knows elected national and state Democrats have a history of voting and fighting for abortion.

In 2012 the ultra liberal Arkansas Times reported that a Democrat Chair "quietly shepherded the defeat of 10 radical anti-abortion bills during the general session." There was a majority of Democrats so this Chair had enough votes to kill all anti-abortion bills. In 2013 Republicans, being the majority, were able to get two anti-abortion bills passed by overriding Governor Beebe's veto.

Two Democrat incumbents, Homer Lenderman and Harold Copenhaver, have taken some heat for refusing to support those anti-abortion bills in 2013 when the Governor (D) vetoed them (HB1037 & SB134). The US is one of only seven countries in the world that permits elective abortion past 20 weeks.

Democrats must know that pro-abortion, as well as their other stands, are unpopular with Arkansans. Every Democrat, including Lenderman & Copenhaver, also voted for Obamacare Medicaid Expansion (HB1143), the Obamacare Exchange (HB1508); all but one refused to support Voter ID (SB2) when the Democrat Governor vetoed it, and no Democrat voted for the bill to stop funding to organizations that fund elective abortions (SB818).

Every Democrat also voted for the deceptive so-called ethics ballot issue #3 which in reality extends the terms of House legislators from six to sixteen years and Senators from eight to sixteen. In contrast, Republicans passed a resolution opposing this Ballot Issue #3 at their state convention.

Yet Democrat Harold Copenhaver actually said in this debate that he is fighting against extremism - referring to his Republican opponent! He also said "Voting against the Private Option is a vote FOR Obamacare." How foolish! There would be no Private Option if Obamacare (ironically named Affordable Care Act) had not passed.

In the race Copenhaver won in 2012, there were large vicious ads published daily and on the day of the election saying Copenhaver's opponent had been "accused of stealing and mismanaging tax dollars" and "Did not vote to keep sexual predators away from our children." In this race, citizens have received push poll calls about Republican candidates with false information, even ridiculously accusing one of domestic violence.

Be aware citizens, some Democrats are desperate. Look at voting records and refuse to believe these last minute character assassinations - an effort to hide their own voting records.
Debbie Pelley lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas and also sent this letter to the Jonesboro Sun.

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