Friday, October 17, 2014

Cotton Renews Call For President Obama to Take Further Action to Combat Ebola

Tom Cotton renews his call for travel restrictions and other measures to combat the spread of Ebola in the United States. 
Little Rock, Arkansas — U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Cotton today released the following statement calling on President Obama to take immediate action to combat the growing threat of the Ebola virus in the United States:
“President Obama’s failure to take appropriate action against the spread of Ebola over the last several weeks has left Arkansans and all Americans unnecessarily vulnerable to this terrible disease. Earlier this month, I joined my fellow Arkansas Congressmen in calling on President Obama to implement additional safeguards that would better protect the United States, but this request fell on deaf ears," said Cotton. 
“Today, I'm renewing this call on President Obama to immediately ban flights from all affected African countries and to implement additional screenings for those who have recently traveled to or from afflicted countries. Further, the President should use the power provided to him in current law to ask the State Department to suspend all non-immigrant visas granted to individuals from any country dealing with an Ebola outbreak."
On October 3rd, U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton (AR-4) joined the other three members of Arkansas's Congressional delegation in writing President Obama to take additional action to combat Ebola. The President has not implemented any of those suggestions. 

 simply whether or not he thought the Obama administration had responded appropriately to the Ebola threat. Senator Pryor offered up an answer that was so poor, he was forced to issue a written statement explaining his answer.

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