Friday, October 17, 2014

Captain Cotton Is A Champion Of Veterans’ Issues

Tom Cotton has been a tireless advocate for veterans during his time in Congress.
Congressman Cotton opposed the budget deal congressional leaders cut that reduced payments to veterans.
Congressman Cotton has also been active in voicing his concerns to the White House over the recent Veterans Affairs scandal and backlog.
Tom Cotton was a co-sponsor for legislation to fix the backlog at the VA hospitals and to authorize veterans to receive treatment at non-VA facilities, if veterans can’t get care within a short period of time. (H.R. 4810)
He also called for Secretary Shinseki to resign once the magnitude of failures within the VA became clear.
Unlike Tom Cotton, Senator Pryor voted to against veterans, rejecting an amendment that would replace cuts in their pensions by preventing illegal aliens from receiving tax benefits. (Vote 280, December 17, 2013. On Motion to table, Pryor voted Nay).
Senator Pryor refused to call on Secretary Shinseki to step down, even after the Inspector General report showed the problems with the VA were systemic and widespread. (, 5/29/14)

Tom Cotton is endorsed by the following veterans organizations for his work on behalf of veterans: Veterans' Vision, Support and Defend PAC, and National Security PAC
Tom Cotton is a 2014 candidate of U.S. Senate,  Your vote for Cotton will be a vote to replace the do-nothing to help veterans candidate: Mark Pryor.

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