Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Asa Hutchinson: New Ad: 'Unlimited Opportunities"

The Opportunities His Plan Provides Arkansas’s Students
I know exactly what I want to do as Governor.”

LITTLE ROCK – Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson released a new television ad Wednesday titled “Unlimited Opportunities”. The new TV ad highlights the unlimited opportunities Asa’s plan will provide every Arkansan. As Asa says in the ad, and as he has said throughout his campaign, he knows exactly what he wants to do as Governor.

Asa’s plan will make our state competitive by lowering taxes for middle class families, creating jobs, growing our economy and providing computer science education in every high school, so our “kids can fulfill their dreams and ambitions right here in Arkansas.”
Learn more about Asa’s plan at

Asa Hutchinson issued the following statement:
“I am proud of our closing ad, because it reinforces what I’ve been saying since I entered this race: I know exactly what I want to do on day one, as Governor. My plan has remained consistent throughout my campaign, and it’s a plan that will work for every Arkansan.

“I want to create more jobs by bringing in new industry to Arkansas, and we can do that by lowering the income tax on middle class families to make our state more competitive. I want to provide our kids with every opportunity to reach their dreams and ambitions here at home, which is why emphasizing computer science and coding in every Arkansas high school is so important. This alone has the potential to transform our economy for generations to come.

“Together, we’ll hit the ground running and never look back. I would appreciate your vote.”

"Unlimited Opportunities” Script:
Chyron: Asa Hutchinson
Asa: “I’m Asa. You’ve met my granddaughter, Ella Beth, my inspiration for teaching computer coding in our classrooms.”
Chyron: #ARKidsCanCode #HourOfCode
Asa: “Like you, we want all our children to grow up in an Arkansas filled with world-class schools...”
Chyron: World-Class Schools
Asa: “…and good paying jobs.”
Chyron: Good Paying Jobs

Asa: “I know exactly what I want to do as Governor, and that’s provide unlimited opportunities to all our kids…”
Chyron: Opportunities

Asa: “…so they can fulfill their dreams and ambitions…”
Chyron: Opportunities | Dreams

Asa: “…right here, in Arkansas.”
Chyron: Right here, in Arkansas
Asa: “I’d appreciate your vote.”

Chyron: Vote. November 4
Asa: “We’ll hit the ground running and never look back.”

Chyron: Vote. November 4 | Asa for Arkansas!

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