Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Arkansas GOP Announced the Filing of a Lawsuit for Illegal Exaction and Ethics Complaint Against Nate Steel

Little Rock, Arkansas — RPA Chairman Doyle Webb announced in a press conference this morning that he was filing a lawsuit against Nate Steel for Illegal Exaction. Chairman Webb also filed an ethics complaint this morning against Nate Steel for failing to file financial disclosures in his role as City Attorney of Nashville.

“We believe Nate Steel is in violation of the Arkansas Constitution and has been caught with his hand both in the cookie jar of the City of Nashville and the State of Arkansas,” said Chairman Webb. “An opinion by Attorney General Mark Pryor, 2002-209, clearly established that it is illegal to hold both the office of City Attorney and serve in the State Legislature. For this I am filing a lawsuit against George Nathan Steel for illegal exaction, for receiving funds from both the treasury of Arkansas and the city of Nashville for nearly 3 years.”

“We also filed an ethics complaint this morning against Nate Steel for his failure to file financial disclosures with the City Clerk of Nashville pertaining to his office of City Attorney.” 

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