Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Witt Welcomes Cap and Trade Champion Collin Peterson (D-MN) To Arkansas

Bruce Westerman (R)
  Arkansas 4th Congressional District voters need to be very concerned, as does all of Arkansas, if the democrat nominee is elected.  The below article details more reasons why we do not need another rabid democratic radical endorsed by other radicals elected to Rep, Nancy  Pelosi Democratic Caucas.  After the excellent work of Rep Tom Cotton, who is now running for the U.S. Senate, the voters of the 4th district need to elect Republican Bruce Westerman to Congress.

Now for the bad news about James Lee Witt (D) and job killing big government associate!

“With Pine Bluff’s power plant on Obama’s target list, Witt continues to show how out of touch he is” ~ RPA

Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Republican Party today issued the following statement regarding Democrat James Lee Witt welcoming Cap and Trade Champion Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) to Arkansas for a campaign event:

“We knew Democrat James Lee Witt would have to turn to his liberal DC friends for help, but we never thought he’d bring someone to Arkansas who got a shout out from President Obama for helping Cap and Trade get through the House,” said RPA Spokeswoman Holly Wilson. " With hundreds of jobs on the line at the White Bluff energy plant thanks to the unfair rules from Obama’s EPA that will hike energy bills for Arkansans, welcoming a Cap & Trade Champion like Collin Peterson to the Fourth District shows how truly out of touch Witt is."

Collin Peterson is a rubberstamp liberal with a string of hits that are out of step with Fourth District voters, including: calling a pro-life group ‘extremist,’ not believing in the free market, and voting against the repeal of Obamacare.


Collin Peterson Not Only Voted For Cap & Trade, Nancy Pelosi Put Him To Work On It
"Pelosi immediately put Peterson to work, touting the package to the Democratic Caucus in a Tuesday night meeting, to freshmen and sophomores in their respective weekly huddles on Wednesday, and in a separate sit-down with members of his Agriculture panel. “Peterson’s support has been very huge,” one senior Democratic aide said.” (“Pelosi Prodding Caucus on Climate,” Tory Newmyer and Steven Dennis, Roll Call, 6/25/09)

Peterson Earns Props From POTUS For Passage Of Cap and Trade
“I also want to thank and recognize the chairs of the committees that worked so hard on this bill: Henry Waxman, Collin Peterson, Charlie Rangel.” (White House Remarks by President, 6/26/09, accessed 9/1/14)

White Bluff Power Plant At Risk Over Onerous And Unfair Emissions Rules From Obama’s EPA
“We believe that this rule is very likely to result in the closure of a couple of large coal plants in Arkansas,” Duane Highley, president and CEO of the Arkansas Electric Cooperative      Corporation, told the panel. Highley said the plants most likely to be shut down are the White Bluff Electric Power Plant in Jefferson County and the Independence Steam Electric        Station in Independence County.” (“Utility officials: EPA rule may shut down two Arkansas power plants,” John Lyon, Arkansas News, 8/12/14)

After Losing Pro-Life Group’s Endorsement, Collin Peterson Calls Them ‘Extremists’
"Kate Engstrom, a 20-year-old in the school’s College Republicans … approached Peterson after the event and recorded as he spoke candidly and controversially about losing the endorsement of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). Peterson bashed the group, calling MCCL 'a bunch of extremists.’” (“Student threatened with punishment after filming Democratic congressman’s abortion answer,” Eric Owens, Daily Caller, 10/25/12; YouTube video: Video)

In August 2012 Town Hall In Minnesota, Collin Peterson Admits He Doesn’t Believe In The Free Market
“I do not buy into this theory that some people have that we just get the government out of this, and we just have a free market, that everything will be nirvana. I don’t believe it.” (Video)

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